• LT3790 High Power Applications

    I want to make a regulated power supply for super capacitor output using LT3790. When the input is 18V, the output is 24V5A. The LT3790 has a lot of noise, and the loop compensation part of the LT3790 does not give a clear calculation formula. Currently…

  • LT3790 causes short-circuit?

    I'm using the LT3790 as controller for a 24V  automotive battery charger, using 60V MOSFETs.

    The power source is another 24V battery, hence the charger in mainly working in buck-boost mode.

    We have recently received some field returns, where the lower…

  • LT3790

    I use LT3790 as a supercap charger,24V in,24V out,200KHz.

    When charge voltage between 0-20V,the current is slowly growth to 1.5A under CTRL pin is set,seems normal.

    When charge voltage is above to 20.5V,the charge current suddenly goes to above 0.5A,I…

  • Could LT3790 use to 12V 45A in parallel

    Hi Sir,

    I have one application as below. Cani use LT3790 in parallel to implement it? what is difference between LT8390 and LT3790?

    Vin= 10.8V to 52.8V



  • RE: Control strategy of lt3790 under light load

    Hi JLDN,

    Sorry for very late reply. I hope you are able to find fix to your issue. It's hard to debug in a forum setup like this. This 4-switch buck-mode is quite tricky in an applications design especially PCB layout. I would recommend that you get hold…

  • LT3790 parallel connection question


    Using  LT3790 to create high power output, I'm intending to use parallel connected LT3790's. But by studying the datasheet page 25 I see that the feedback resistors are not equal to each other between the master and slave. The master LT3790 uses…


    I have known the reason and solved the problem. The reason is that TG signal should be very close to SW signal, because the return path for TG signal is SW signal, if these 2 signals separated apart very away, the loop of the MOSFET driving signal is…

  • lt3790 burn Low side mosfet

    Dear boss:

       I wanna use lt3790 as 4 Buck-Boost regulator , Output 24V/10A, input 16-36V, But when Input voltage over 28V ,and output LOAD current over 9A ,The low-side MOSFET M2 often Burn, My question is Why MOSFET is burned ? It's over voltage  or…

  • LT3790的∆IL的计算公式


  • Reverse output polarity protection of charger LT3790+LTC4357

    Hello, colleagues! There is a small question. At the output of the charger, an ideal diode is applied (diagram below). 

    The charger is implemented on the LT3790 controller. Battery is 24V. How can I protect the charger if the battery is connected incorrectly…