• RE: Vin=48V,Vout=44V,Iout=6A Is the LT3763 suitable for use?


    from the minimum timing values the LT3763 can work in this dutycycle of 92%, but you have to configure the part for a small switching frequency below 500kHz, for a relaxed timing AND  for the required highest possible efficiency (264W outpout power…

  • LT3763 Vin requirements

    I'm working on programmable power module based on LT3763. The main power input is +48 Vdc and I have on board also +7.5 V dc.

    My question: is it possible to power LT3764 Vin with mentioned bias of +7.5 V while power MOSFETs is powered by +48 Vdc?…

  • Elusive LT3763 stability

    Hi there,

    This is one of those " I can't get it to work." posts. I've spent days on this and finally have had to come to you, with hat in hand, asking for help.

    I am trying to apply the LT3763 as a current regulator for some LEDs, but…

  • Low Current Problem with Lt3763

    Dear Linear Community,

    my Led-Driver-Prototype just don't work. It feels like it is always in Low Current Detection mode, but i can't get the Current high.  My Prototype works perfectly in the Simulation but in reality it doesn't. I tried everything…

  • LT3763: switching frequency and GaN drive


    What is the upper limit for the switching frequency of LT3763? The last paragraph on page 13 of the data sheet states 2MHz, while RT pin description on page 11 states 1MHz. I need to run this IC on 1.25MHz externally synchronized. Is it possible?

  • 10 Amps operation of LT3763


    We have designed and produced pilot PCB for the operation of LED driver operating on Vin 48 V, Vout 33 V, and Iout = 10 Amp. The schematic is almost the same as the reference design, provided on page 27 from the datasheet of LT3763. However, we cant…

  • LT3763: bottom gate driver doesn't pulse

    Dear Power by Linear,

        I'm having trouble with a buck regulator based on the LT3763 control IC. I'm using it as a voltage regulator, with an input of 54.0VDC, an output of 46.0VDC, and a maximum output current of 10A. When I apply input power, the output…

  • LT3763: capable of operating below 200 kHz?

    Dear Power by Linear,

         I would like to run a circuit with the LT3763 with 54V input, a 48V output, and 10A maximum output current. That's a lot of power, and my LTspice simulation report that the high side MOSFETs will see a lot of power dissipation.…

  • LT3763 High Frequency PWM Dimming

    Dear Engineers,

    I ran simulations "LT3763_TA01.asc" with small modifications on LTSPICE XVII.

    Though the LED current is set to 20A, the current rose above 30A.

    The modifications I made are as follows;

     a) .tran 50m startup

     b)PULSE(0 5 20u 10n…

  • LT3763 drive LD at constant current


    I will use LT3763 demo board drive big power LD, 12V Vin, I want to realize the below function:

       -LD need 10V voltage output, 2V voltage drop is enough for LT3763 demo board?

       -If I need constant current output to drive LD, but I want to do voltage…