• RE: LT3761 analog diming

    Hi HM,

    This is only info we have about accuracy of the current controller over temperature range. Full-Scale ISP/ISN has the smallest error, +/-3%. The error is larger when CTRL is lower.

  • RE: LT3761 Sync Option

    Hi SRoto,

    If not used, the SYNC pin of LT3761-1 should be connected to PWMOUT. Otherwise, LED may flicker and PWM dimming performance is not good.

    The OPENLED pin of LT3761 may be tied to GND if not used.

  • LT3761 without PWM

    Dear Sir, please answer

    I'd like to use LT3761  without dimming. I need 16 LEDs with 3 V voltage drop at 1A current, then total voltage 16x3=48V.

    I have 10-30V power supply. I use LTSpice circuit with  LT3761 , please, see attachs.


    1) Can I…

  • LT3761 internal pwm maximum frequency

    What is the LT3761's interarnal pwm maximimum frequency? In other words what is the minimum value for the Cpwm?  I used 1nF to achive around 10kHz, everthing looks fine but is there any long term considerations?

    Thank you in advance,

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  • LT3761 INTVcc and PWMOUT characteristics


    I have an application where I would like to use the PWMOUT pin on the LT3761 to drive an optocoupler between 6mA and 10mA but I could not find enough information in the datasheet that would let me determine the characteristics of the PWMOUT pin.

  • LT3761 LED switching regulator loop compensation +


    I have a design that uses the LT3761 LED switching controller to regulator the current in some high power LEDs (up to 50A).  I have isolated the LT3761 with MOSFET gate drivers and a differential amplifier at the ISN and ISP inputs.  I am testing the…

  • LT3761 having issues every time, no matter what.

    Hi. I am designing a boost LED driver using LT3761.

    Using the datasheet examples I designed and ordered PCBs, assembled them, but every time I connect the power one of four things explode: fuse, driver, boost MOSFET or sense shunt. I tried many different…

  • LT3761 Buck Mode Demo Board P/N:

    Dear All:

    I Need LT3761 Buck Mode demo board?? the DC1772A is boost mode LED Driver ,but I need Vin:42V To Vout:28V/6A ,so DC1772A not meed my reqiest .or tell me how to verify DC1772A demo board to meet my spec ,thanks


  • RE: Looking for Led Driver for 100w 33v 3a led from a 11-14 volt source (automotive)

    In theory, the LT3761 can deliver this power level from an automotive input range, however things may get hot during operation. The difference between the LT3761 and the LT3762 is that the LT3762 uses a synchronous switching scheme, unlike the LT3761…