• LT3759 Frequency Synchronization


    I would like to use the LT3759 as a 15V -> -5V converter. The synchronization frequency will be adjusted by an FPGA during operation between 500-700 kHz to minimize interference with other components.

    The datasheet indicates that the timing…

  • LT3759 Excel Design Tool only calculates BOOST values no SEPIC specific calculation

    Hello. Using ADI's LTpowerCAD II V2.7.2 I downloaded the Excel design tool for the LT3759 (see attached). The device is intended for both SEPIC and Boost converters however the design tool appears only to calculate values specific to a Boost converter…

  • Query - LT3759 SEPIC Converter Output regulates to 23V instead of 28V for an load current of 3.5A.


    We are using SEPIC convert LT3759 in one of products to generate 28V/3.5A output for an input voltage range - 20 - 33Vin.

    For an input voltage of about 20V the SEPIC output regulates to 23V for 3.5A load instead of 28V.

    Enclosed schematic of SEPIC…

  • Can I current sink an LED on !PGOOD, LT3759?


    I can't find information in the datasheet on how much current the LT3759 !PGOOD pin can sink.  I am hoping to use this pin to light an LED (5mA) when it asserts LOW (indicating power is within 5%)

    This is my schematic,

    I also don't see a…

  • Possibility to design a SEPIC with 12V to 24V Input, 12V to 24V Output and supporting 5 Amps or more using the LT3759?


    The title says it all : can the LT3759 be used in a SEPIC design capable of delivering a 12V-24V @ 5A output from a 12V-24V 5A input.

    Here is my design :

    If the LT3759 can be used for that application, what design should I make or how should I modify…

  • RE: LT3952 to power 450mA 42V LEDs with 4000:1 PWM

    Thanks. I have slightly redone the layout - moved R1 closer and parallel to the LT3952 (shortened the traces by 1/3) at 15mOhms that should help somewhat and more importantly added vias stitching all the way through the LT3952 thermal pad. Will try this…

  • Query - Selecting SEPIC converter with Over Current Protection.


    I am looking for an SEPIC converter to generate an output of 28VDC/3.5A from an input of 20 - 33VDC.
    As listed in below table, during over current  condition both LT3759 & LT3796 output got regulated to an lower value. Please suggest an converter…
  • SEPIC current control

    I have a SEPIC converter application design similar to "LT3759".  I would like to generate a 24V  "fold back" current control with a devices similar to  "LT3759" and "LTC6102".
    The problem with  "LTC6102HV" hides in the…