• LT3758 variable voltage



    I designed a circuit that can be varied from 0 to + 100V and 0 to -200V using the LT3758.

    As a result of the test, the 0~+100V variable on the positive voltage side works well. The voltage was varied by a digital potentiometer.

    However, the…

  • LT3758 Datasheet "f/1A", what's the 1A?


    I'm just working through the calculations for my new SEPIC circuit and looking at page 22, the power dissipated by the MOSFET the last term in f/1A, what is this please? Switching frequency/1 x A, what is the 1A please?

    The power dissipated by…

  • [LT3758]: Not generating -12V as shown in datasheet

    Hello Everyone,

    I am currently designing an inverting regulator using LT3758 for generating -12V with reference to the circuit provided in the datasheet. But I am not able to generate in the simulation, Please help me completing the simulation because…

  • Compensarion design for the LT3758

    Is there an app note that describes how to compensate the LT3758  in a boost converter configuration?

  • Loop Compensation when LT3758 used in Cuk topology


    I'm trying to use LT3758 in Cuk topology. I'm unable to find the Excel tool (for Loop compensation) in LT Power CAD regarding the same where as the Excel tool for the same IC in Boost topology is available. Is there any tool or App note available…

  • LT3758 boost converter in forced continuous mode

    Can I run the LT3758 in forced continuous mode in the boost converter configuration. How do I design for that if possible? I am going from 50V to 86V

  • LT3758 - 12V/5A

    Can we use schematic from LT3758/LT3758A datasheet (page 38) for design power supply (with stronger M1,D1 and 5A L1A/B) with this requirements:

    Input voltage - 10...65V
    Output voltage - 12V
    Output current - 0.01....5A.

    Should we use one or two MOSFET topology…

  • LT3758 Soft start functionality

    Hi ,

    I am quite not able to understand the soft start feature of LT3758 after going through the datasheet. The information given in the datasheet is very minimal. 

    The startup waveform given in the Datasheet page no-33 for SEPIC converter shows that there…

  • LT3758 Startup Failure?

    Hi all.

    I've designed two PCBs using the LT3758- one is a SEPIC, one is an inverting converter. I want to use them to generate about 100V and -100V respectively. I've never designed a switching power supply before and am aware that they can be finicky…

  • LT3758


    Table 1 in LT3758 datasheet contains values of RT - Timing Resistor for setting the Switching Frequency.

    Can I choose values of RT not quite equal to those from the table, e.g. 30.0 kOhm instead of 30.9 - to set the Switching Frequency not equal to…