• LT3756 Loop Compensation

    Dear ADI Expert,

    How to calculate the compensation resistance and capacitor of LT3756 on the VC pin?

    Are there any design tools for the LT3756? 


    Andy Yang.

  • LT3756-2 HBM, CDM Spec?

    Could I have HBM,CDM spec of LT3756-2?

  • LT3756 Hi Side Sense LED Driver


    LT3756 use Hi Side Sense.

    Can it be done by low side?

    because of the 100V limit, we can only operate below 100V.

    while over 100V, the LT3795 is the only solution.

    Why or why not use low side sense ?

    Thank you for your kind assistance !

  • RE: When the CTRL pin voltage of LT3756 is adjusted to 0.6V, the output is limited to the loss effect, and the maximum output power can only be about 200W

    What is your question? I can't see typical application in datasheet that's 200W. It must be challenge to achieve this power level.

  • RE: LT3757 48VDC to 90VDC fails

    Using a voltage source to drive a 1A LED string is not the right approach.

    Did you look at any LED driver, such as lt3756?


  • 15A constant current source with Maximum 100V output


    Among regulators LT3796, LTC3779 & LT3756 which is the best regulator to implement a Constant current source with an output voltage of 96V. Suggest if any better regulators are available.

    Regards & Thanks

    Bivin George

  • RE: Looking for LED driver for 100W 70-75V 2A LED from 9-12V sourc

    Hello Burhan,

    The LT3756-2 is the correct IC for you.

    You need to run at low switching frequency to limit high voltage switching losses. I recommend as low as possible.

    The current will get rather high, so a large catch diode for high current and high…

  • LTC7060 for >60V synchronous application

    since LTC7060 has floating ground and inverting input logic feature. is there any application using LTC7060 for LED driver like LT3756 or LTC3783.

    I feel it can upgrade these non-synchronous boost regulator to synchronous one. can it work for these app…

  • RE: high power pulse constant current drivers for LED modules needed

    Hi Lech,

    Looks like there is no ready solution for this. Best thing is to do a high voltage buck application, probably non-synchronous. LT3761, LT3756-2, LT3795 in buck mode might be able to do this, but not an easy one at almost 500W! You might need a…

  • RE: Constant Current Source Design which can source 20A current

    Hi FormerMember

    In LTC3779 data-sheet it is mentioned, " Constant-Current Regulation (IAVGSNSP and IAVGSNSN Pins)The  LTC3779  provides  a  constant-current  regulation loop for either input or output current. A sensing resistor close  to  the  input  or