• LT3755 Driving Capability


    I am planning to use this LED Driver LT3755 to drive a 23V and 10A LED in the Buck-Boost configuration

    Are there any issues with driving this powerful LED with the LT3755 LED Driver?

    Also what are the driving currents out of the Gate pin to driver…

  • LT3755-2 RLED damage


    We designed LED driver with LT3755-2. Our configuration is 12V input, 23V LED string voltage, 1.33A LED string current. For this configuration LED driver working normally, but at some times rarely RLED-R23 resistor getting blow and getting open…

  • lt3755 question

    lt3755 question


    1) Difference between LT3755IMSE-1#WPBF and LT3755IMSE-2#WPBF

    2) Is there any problem with Vin = 5V, 300~500mA operation?(LT3755IMSE-1#WPBF)
    thank you 
  • what is the PWM Frequency range of LT3755


    we want to know the PWM frequency range of dimming function for LT3755?

    what is the Maximum Value of PWM dimming frequency?

    does it support 30K  ? 

    Thanks a lot!

  • LT3755 PWM 频率最高支持多少?


    请问  LT3755  PWM 脚 (dimming )输入频率最高支持多少?  可以支持到30KHZ吗?


  • LT3755 LED in Parallel


    LT3755 is a high performance PWM dimming controller in 1 LED string as datasheet mentioned.

    Is it suitable for multi-string such as 3 strings?

    What will happen if only single FB & current control?

    Such as un-balanced on the light or string current…

  • 采用LT3755做背光升压,发现没有输出。




    3、PWM:4KHz/250us 电平为3.3V

    4、FB:1000K + 20K ---》[1.25V*(1000+20)]/20K=63.75V

    5、Rt=26.7K,1%   Switching Frequency=400KHz

    6、NMOS :FDS3672,N-CH,VDS:100V,ID:7.5A,0.022Ω,2.5W,SOP8



  • About INTVCC of LT3755


    I'd like to know if the Vin is below 8V (it around 5V), Should I connect the INTVCC directly to VIN?
    Is there any risk if I don't connect to Vin?


  • LT3755 noise issue

    Hi sir 


    Is the above information explaining the problem of 20KHz noise?

    My customer have a question , 

    Currently has the noise when using PWM…

  • RE: VRLA AGM battery suitable charger for UPS-PSU unit.

    Hi Stamy,

    I don't have knowledge with UPS-PSU design. LT3755 is not a battery charger but LED controller.  I recommend that you browse through our range of possible solutions for lead-acid chargers through this link: www.analog.com/.../battery-charger…