• LT3753+LT8311 for PSE LTC4290/71 Input Power


    Is there any reference design for this?

    Or any else reference data?

    I have a spec from input 12V->54V/250W for LTC4290/71 input isolated power.

    I'm appreciate your help.

    Thanks a lot.

  • LT3753 + LT8311


    We have the reference demo board DC1994A 18-72V to 12V/12A.

    We will modify transformer Np/Ns = 1/3, frequency =250KHz, Duty_max =36.11%, Po=150W

    We looking for the reference design of LT3753 + LT8311 to output 19.5V. Can you provide related schematic…

  • LT3753+LT8311的配合使用问题。

    典型电路我是抄的https://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/eval-board-schematic/DC2175A-3-SCH.PDF,    变压器匝比为3.25/4(NP/NS),在轻载的时候并没有进入FCM模式式。随着负载变大,进入CCM,我输出电感用的6.8uH的, 不知道是哪里设置不对。

  • 关于LT3753与LT8311的配合问题

    典型电路按照https://www.analog.com/cn/products/lt8311.html#product-evaluationkit来做的,只不过芯片从LT3752换到了LT3753,匝比为3.25:4(初级:次级),输入18-36V, 输出12V,空载和轻载(0-3A)的时候,测得原边主管的驱动很小比预计的占空比小很多,随着负载加大占空比正常。同时在空载和轻载的时候还测的CG提前关断(相对于互感器T2的输出波形)。空载损耗大块5W接近5W。不知道为啥?

  • 关于LT3753和LT8311的配合问题

    典型电路抄的是LT3752与LT8311的典型电路,https://www.analog.com/cn/products/lt8311.html, 自己拟定的输入为18-36V,输出为12V,匝比为3.25:4,现发现空载和轻载时候次级的同步整流CG驱动波形提前关断,输入在空载或者轻载的时候占空比比预计的小很多,负载增大后占空比和次级的CG驱动波形正常,不知道怎么解决。

  • PoE++/bt - Maximizing Power Output

    I'm looking for a solution to maximize the power output from PoE input (~57V / 90W) to 48V/~71-90W at the highest efficiency possible (94% ideally). I have reviewed this thread:

     Question about LT3752 & LT8311 which recommends the LT3753 + LT1431…

  • RE: Enquiry related LTC4271/ LTC4290 PSE controller

    Hi Pallavi,

    I do not know if the LT3748 would be well suited for a 48V / 2A design. You may need a forward converter at this power level.

    Check out LT3753. Its demoboard DC2306A is close to what you need, or you can read this article which describes the…

  • RE: Isolation for a chain of swithcing regulator

    Hi Power Jack,

    If you mean galvanically isolated, you can refer to No-opto Flyback Family like LT8309, LT3748.

    For higher power a forward converter like LT3753 or ADP1074 can help.

    If you…

  • RE: Question about LT3752 & LT8311

    Hi Alvin,

    For 48V and 54V, we use LT3753+LT1431 non-synchronous forward converter because high Vout and low Iout.

    We have the reference demo board DC2306A 10-54V to 48V or 54V (Jumper Selectable) @ 1.5A with simulation.

    Please go to LT3753 web page…

  • RE: LTC4292-1/LTC4291 Power supply board

    Refer to the DC2306A, LT3753 Flyback/Forward controller, demo board.  This board's input range is 10V to 54V and output is an isolated 54V, 1.5A for PSE supply.  The circuit would require modification to meet your output power requirements.  The PSE…