• LT3753


    We are going to use DC2324A-B EVK design.

    Our input range: 20VDC to 32VDC

    Can you please tell me, how the UVLO and OVLO can be calculated for our input voltage range.

    I can't find any resistor calculation details in the datasheet.

  • LT3753 || Transformer


    In DC2324A-B EVK desgin,  the trasnformer G45R2-0408-S01-25R is used.

     it has following spec

    output voltage and current rating = 12V/Isec 4.14A, Ipri 8.28A.(details got from manufacturer)

    But you are used this transformer for 24V output and 5A output…

  • LT3753 and current transformer


    I have 1 question.
    Can I use with LT3753 with current transformer instead current resistor in flyback topology?

    The design when considering slope compensation is also
    Is it okay to have the following image?

    Best Regards,


  • RE: Question about LT3752 & LT8311

    Hi Alvin,

    For 48V and 54V, we use LT3753+LT1431 non-synchronous forward converter because high Vout and low Iout.

    We have the reference demo board DC2306A 10-54V to 48V or 54V (Jumper Selectable) @ 1.5A with simulation.

    Please go to LT3753 web page…

  • LT3753 + LT8311


    We have the reference demo board DC1994A 18-72V to 12V/12A.

    We will modify transformer Np/Ns = 1/3, frequency =250KHz, Duty_max =36.11%, Po=150W

    We looking for the reference design of LT3753 + LT8311 to output 19.5V. Can you provide related schematic…

  • MorePower

    I hear an LT3753 be used to give 250 W output or more by stacking transformers. Is there an app note or anything for this?

  • LT3753 out pin driving capability

    Hi ADIexpert

    I would like to use LT3753 to implement a Active Clamp forward converter

    however, due to the High Ta(75degree)  spec, I will need to drive at least 2 MOSFETs and may  up to 3 Mosfets  by Out pin (main switch) to share the heat 

    May I know if…

  • 72 volt to 12 volt 20 Amp DC DC converter


    I want design a 72 volt to 12 volt 20 Amp DC DC converter.

    I found a design as below.


    How adapt this scematic for 12 volt 20 Amp. output?

    Thanks in advange.

  • LT3753 PMOS rating @ hard stop case

    Hi ADI EXpert

    I have a question relates to the demag PMOS of LT3753

    My customer has an application to convert 18~32V to 24V/5.5A by LT3753

    He Showed me that the PMOS Vds is over the rating when hard-stop occurred (OUT, AOUT stop switching in a very short…

  • LT3753+LT8311 for PSE LTC4290/71 Input Power


    Is there any reference design for this?

    Or any else reference data?

    I have a spec from input 12V->54V/250W for LTC4290/71 input isolated power.

    I'm appreciate your help.

    Thanks a lot.