• RE: LT3753 OCP triggered unexpectedly

    Hi Eric,

    What is the failure you see exactly? It would help to see some waveforms of the converter.



  • LT3753 + LT8311 reference design for 12V/8A output


    On page 36 of the LT3753 datasheet there is a schematic for Vin=18-72V and 12V/8A output.

    This is exactly what I'm looking for, however I can't find where to buy two components from the schematic: T1: CHAMPS G45R2-0404.04 L1: CHAMPS PQR2050…

  • LT3753 200V output circuit

    Attempting to create an isolated 200V output power supply using the LT3753 device, but struggling to calculate all the various equations and find a suitable transformer capable of providing this voltage. Any suggestions of a better device or transformer…

  • LT3753


    We are going to use DC2324A-B EVK design.

    Our input range: 20VDC to 32VDC

    Can you please tell me, how the UVLO and OVLO can be calculated for our input voltage range.

    I can't find any resistor calculation details in the datasheet.

  • LT3753 and current transformer


    I have 1 question.
    Can I use with LT3753 with current transformer instead current resistor in flyback topology?

    The design when considering slope compensation is also
    Is it okay to have the following image?

    Best Regards,


  • LT3753 || Transformer


    In DC2324A-B EVK desgin,  the trasnformer G45R2-0408-S01-25R is used.

     it has following spec

    output voltage and current rating = 12V/Isec 4.14A, Ipri 8.28A.(details got from manufacturer)

    But you are used this transformer for 24V output and 5A output…

  • Lt3753 and EMC noise effecting on OC pin


    I use lt3753 to design 30 watts dc to dc converter.
    This project is perfect .
    But when this converter is exposed to emc waves, sometimes the voltage output is zero.
    After doing a lot of checks on the converter, I found that OC pin of the LTC3753 chip…
  • LT3753 PMOS rating @ hard stop case

    Hi ADI EXpert

    I have a question relates to the demag PMOS of LT3753

    My customer has an application to convert 18~32V to 24V/5.5A by LT3753

    He Showed me that the PMOS Vds is over the rating when hard-stop occurred (OUT, AOUT stop switching in a very short…

  • LT3753, Active clamp forward converter design

    Iam designing a low power (10W) Active clamp forward converter, PWM modulator used to drive main MOSFET and Auxiliary MOSFET is LT3753.Specification are input voltage range: 26V - 42V, Output 5V, operating at 500kHz.In closed loop control i am getting…

  • LT3753 out pin driving capability

    Hi ADIexpert

    I would like to use LT3753 to implement a Active Clamp forward converter

    however, due to the High Ta(75degree)  spec, I will need to drive at least 2 MOSFETs and may  up to 3 Mosfets  by Out pin (main switch) to share the heat 

    May I know if…