• relation with LT3752

    Dear all.

    I'm looking for the design spreadsheet that can be provided for guidance purposes only.

    So. If you have the one that can calculate both system and component data for use the LT3752 in  an active clamp forward topology, could you release…

  • RE: Question about LT3752 & LT8311

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  • RE: Trying to design PFC power supply using ADP1048, but LT8316 is not available. Please recommend a substitute for 500VIN step down

    Hi gdecker77,

    Have you looked at LT8315? LT8315 Datasheet and Product Info | Analog Devices

    If it's also not available, you may look at LT3752-1 where the input voltage can go up to around 400V depending on the external components. However, it is optimized…

  • RE: ADP1074 with HIGH VOLTAGE input

    Hi Aks000,

    Please take a look at LT3752-1 Active Clamp Forward for high input voltage application: LT3752 LT3752-1 Datasheet and Product Info | Analog Devices

    We have available demo board DC1929A that you can start with (different Vout but covers the input…

  • RE: DC-DC convertor reference design


    I am referring


    75V to 150V, 24V/14A 340W Active Clamp Isolated Forward Converter

    (Using Gate Drive Transformer for High Side Active Clamp) In LT3752/LT3752-1 datasheet.


    Could you please let me know what modification I need to do to achieve below…

  • RE: LT8311 operation with gate driver

    The information is in the datasheet of the primary side controller LT3752/3753.

  • PoE++/bt - Maximizing Power Output

    I'm looking for a solution to maximize the power output from PoE input (~57V / 90W) to 48V/~71-90W at the highest efficiency possible (94% ideally). I have reviewed this thread:

     Question about LT3752 & LT8311 which recommends the LT3753 + LT1431…

  • RE: LT 3752-1 AOUT Change from P to NMOS

    lt3752-1 only works with high side clamp (NFET).

  • RE: LTC3779 Schematic for review

    Hi Ajmal,

    I don't understand how the LT8316 will be able to provide the required power at the output. I think you may also want to check LT3752-1 that can be a better solution for your need. I recommend that you connect to a local FAE to help you further…

  • RE: power supply design.

    Hey Vineet,

    In addition to the ADP1047/ADP1048, Digital PFC Controller with AC Power Metering that Fil suggested, I would recommend checking out the LT8312 Boost Controller with PFC. This part boosts the rectified AC input to a higher voltage and modulates…