• LT3752-1 75V-150V Input, 24V/14A

    We are planning to use LT3752-1 in one of our projects BEL and RCI.

    Input voltage is 100V

    Output Voltage 24V

    Output current 14A.

     We also seen one application as below, and we planned to use this in our application.

    Please provide technical details of…

  • LT3752-1 75-150V Input, 24V/14A Inductor selection

    I would like to create a circuit based very closely on the typical application schematic on p. 49 of the data sheet (75-150V Input, 24V/14A).

    I cannot find the technical specifications of the inductor T1 and am struggling to find a suitable alternative…

  • RE: LT3752-1 hourse keeping power start up problem (SS1 reset)

    Hi Ginger Lin,

    The problem is not necessarily a housekeeping problem. With and without the external source powering the VHK, the SS1 waveform shows repeated hard-stop. On page 37 of the LT3752-1 datasheet, you can find the possible causes of hard-stop…

  • RE: LT3752-1 with LT8311: housekeeping flyback not regulating the primary side voltage

    Hi EZ Admin

    I use LT3752-1 as forward controller with 380Vin / 24Vout. And the house keeping power don't work when start up. the SS1 signal won't wake up correctly. The problem look similar with the topic upside. Would you please confirm my schematic…

  • LT3752 - About Active Clamp MOSFET Selection


    According to LT3752 datasheet, body diode of the active clamp MOSFET should withstand a forward pulsed current given by the equation on page 34.

    However, in demo board DC2175A, active clamp forward MOSFET has a body diode forward current rating…

  • LT3752 & LT8311 Problem


    I want to simulate an active-clamp forward converter using these parts but I am unable to make a working simulation for the converter.

    It has following specifications:

    Vin: 9-36V



    I tried to modify existing LTspice designs but the…

  • LT3752 & LT8311

    Hello all,

       I have built the LTSpice file in according to the scheme of the DEMO BOARD DC2175A (LT3752 & LT8311) as a base for my development.

    Unfortunately I cannot  force the file to work...Could anybody help? May be anybody has a similar file which…

  • LT3752 + LT8311 Stability


    I use the circuit of LT3752, that is on the ...LTspiceXVII\examples\jigs .

    The circuit is not stable. It gets out of stabilization even when the output voltage is being build on the startup.

    I tried to change capacitor+resistor that is connected to…

  • LT3752+LT8311 Cold start issue


    I have use LT3752+LT8311 for 9V~36V to 12V/12A (like DC2175A).

    Now we can't start up when -30degreeC in chamber, That doesn’t happen continuously, but can be copied by freezer spray at pulse transformer. (Coilcraft CV9052-AL)

    it will cause some…

  • LT3752 - Dvsec equation on page 29


    On page 29 in the datasheet , there is an equation for programming maximum duty cycle.

    If i use this equation on the circuit on page 44, i get:


    How 0.051 is the maximum duty cycle?

    Best Regards…