• LT3751 voltage sense problem

    I am trying to create following isolated flyback capacitor charger:

    Vin: 12 V

    Vout: 510V

    N2/N1 = 25

    Relatively low current and capacitor value is also not that large so maybe max. 10u.

    Circuit works perfectly fine when I have high current ( so low current…

  • Which Voltage is applied to the gate of external NMOS from LT3751 IC?

    Hi everyone,

        I was trying to use the LT3751 IC but even when I replicate the schematic directly from the datasheet it didn't work. Then I read more in detail the datasheet and I got confused in the Voltage applied to the gate of the external NMOS because…

  • My LT3751 refuses to settle

    Hi all,

    I am using the LT3751 as low noise regulator configuration. Unfortunately its high voltage drops to zero on power-up immediately after reaching to the predefined value.

    What could be the reasons for this behavior?

    Thank you.


  • LT3751 with 600V output voltage


    for i project i am trying to achieve a capacitor charger with 600VDC output. While doing researches
    i wasn´t able to find an IC fitting my needs. The LT3751 was in close-pitch section. In the datasheet
    it is rated for 500V, but on page 22/34…

  • Minimalist power supply LT3751


    I am looking to make as simple of a power supply as possible. I don't need anything more complex than an LT3750 I just need it to be able to supply/work with transformers larger and more powerful than the LT3750 can handle. Exact voltage output…

  • LT3751 Charging to +/- 500 volts

    I have a circuit that I am using to charge 2 capacitors. The secondary is center tapped and there is a +500 and -500volt charges developed across those caps respectively. Everything charges fine with +500 and -500 developing across the caps but my problem…

  • RE: LT3751 Capacitor Charger

    On the LT3751 package, there are no ground connections on the outside pins. The ground connection is ONLY on the pad underneath the chip. If you are not using soldier paste but a soldiering iron, usually during the testing phase, it is very difficult…

  • LT3751 DC1322A RSENSE Value

    Dear community, good afternoon

    As seen on the datasheet one way reduce charge current is to change RSens value. In the dev kit DC1322A that resistor (R16) is 12 [mOhm].

    By using the formula Max.Ipk= 106 mV / RSENSE I get a maxium peak current around…

  • LT3751 DC1322A Disable UVLO/OVLO

    Dear community, good afternoon

    I am trying to get a capacitor the capacitor in the DC1322A kit charged.

    The setup is the following:

    VIN = 8,4 [V] (two 18650 batteries in series)

    VCC = 8.4 [V] (same as before)

    JP3 (VCC) -> set to external

    JP2 (bleeder…

  • Regarding IC LT3751

    Hello, I'm using IC LT3751 in High Voltage capacitor charging mode with Vtrans of 22 V. and pulse transformer of ratio1:100 and I've used CockcroftWalton circuit after the transformer to step up it upto 8-9Kv. but isaw that IC didn't work…