• LT3750 VOUT Comparator overvoltage and propagation delay

    LT3750 provides specifications for VOUT Comparator Overdrive, but there is no information on the datasheet about the actual propagation delay of this comparator.  This becomes particularly important in the case where the duration of the secondary energy…

  • LT3750 DONE state not changing to LOW

    My circuit seems to be working great, but the Charge pin does not go HIGH even though the LT3750 has stopped charging the 450v 220uf cap. Is there something I should check to see what the issue could be? Done pin is connected to a 100K pull up connected…

  • Regarding LT3750

    Can LT3750 be used for charging a capacitor to 1500V ?

  • LT3750 - using at constant frequency


    I'd like to use the LT3750 to charge a capacitor using a specific transformer which requires a 100kHz frequency.

    As this controller doesn't have the ability to configure the frequency - is there a way to do it using one of the pins. Now the…

  • LT3750

    Hello, I am working on a cap charger for an avoinics power supply design.  We need to run from a 280VDC bus to charge 20,000uF of cap from 0-280V with a max current of 30A (time is less of an issue).  I am looking at the LT3750 or LT3751 but have several…

  • LT3750 - controlling the capacitor charging current


    I'm using the LT3750 to charge a capacitor to 240V from a 8VDC source.

    The capacitor is charged in ~200msec to the target voltage with an input current (from the 8V) of 1.1A and slowly decrease to ~0.6A.

    I'd like to decrease the input current…

  • LT3750 - maximum voltage on RDCM and RVOUT pins


    The maximum voltage on the RDCM and RVOUT pins isn't specified in the LT3750's datasheet/

    In the  LT3751 I can see a 60V clamping diode, but it's not the same in the LT3750/

    So, what is it for the LT3750?


  • Charging 350V, 4mF capacitor bank using LT3750?

    Hi, I am looking to charge a capacitor bank with a rated voltage of 350V and total capacitance of 4mF . I wonder if it is ok to use LT3750 ?The charge of a capacitor bank is used to discharge a flash xenon lamp?

  • Capacitor Charge LT3750A

    I would like to know the main differences between LT3750 and LT3750A.

    Can we use one as part "A" and the other one as part "B"?

  • Lt375x At Higher Voltage


    What is the approach for using the LT3750 or the LT3751 devices with a charge voltage of 2000V?