• lt3748 input/output capacitance and sense resistor

    Hey everyone,

    Can someone please provide me with an app note or info on how the following is calculated:

    • Input current required to sustain a certain output current/voltage for the selection of the sense resistor.
    • How to select the minimum input and output…
  • LT3748 Flyback controller


    I would like to design LT3748 Isolated power solution to our PoE PSE source.

    Following is our specification:

    Vin: 14V (+-) 10%

    Vout: 48V@250mA

    There is a reference design on ADI website(see following link), but its transformer size is too big to fit…

  • LT3748 Operation Mode

    According to datasheet only boundary mode operation mode discussed. Is it possible to the discontinuous mode operation with this controller?

  • LT3748 DC1860B

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    Might I know if ADI has LTspice simulation file for DC1860B?

    I would like to create the Ltspice simulation base on DC1860B schematic. However, I am not able to get the result of Vout 54V.

    In DC1860 schematic, the RREF and RFB resistor…

  • LT3748.asc demo circuit


    I've download the circuit for simulation. but my requirements are 

    1. VIN:18~36V, 24V nom

    2.Vout:12V,0.5A x4

    can you provide the updated asc file for simulation?

    BTW, is there any LT power design tool for such configuration to design the transformer…

  • LT powercad tool of LT3748


    I have download the design tool of LT3748 from LT powercad tool. it is an excel file with password, which prevent me from editing the  parameters.

    can you advise the password to remove the protection?



  • LT3748 Load Regulation


    I've been building a flyback converter using LT3748 chip. I'm building a bipolar output, similar to the example on Figure 18 in the datasheet (just the lower side is configured negative). I fixed it up to deliver +/-135V, and under the desired…

  • LT3748

    Does it make sense to connect the auxiliary winding if it is not used?

  • LT3748

         Hello! Could you tell me how to calculate the output capacitance is depending from Vout and Iout. Reference at LT3742 datasheet, page 1. C=100uF.

  • LT3748 - 5V Input and 5V to 20V, 3A output

    Dear Team,

    I am planning to use LT3748 for one of the application, specs given below:

    Input - 5V

    Output - 5V to 20V, 3A

    One of the limitation is to achieve this with limited form factor, can anyone help me which transformer would be suitable for this…