• LT3748 : Isolated boost converter

    Hi ADI Pals, 
    Does LT3748 meet  our in/out requirement as

    Voltage input 19VDC, voltage output 55VDC, output current ~600mA (30W) to 
     meet the 802.3AT PSE application? 


  • LT3748 Replacement?

    Hi everyone,

    The IC shortage seems to be getting to my design again.

    I need a replacement for the LT3748. I used two of these devices to generate isolated rails.

    My input supply was 12V.

    The output of converter 1 was 12V, 1A

    The output of converter…

  • LT3748的工作频率


  • LT3748 output voltage drop.. cant figure out why

    Evening everyone,

    I'm seeing some issues with the LT3748. Here is the schematic of mine:

    This is the transformer: https://www.mouser.co.za/ProductDetail/Wurth-Elektronik/750310617?qs=%252BUQ4csG8Rscr4kcgwycPjw==

    At the output of this I have the…

  • LT3748 jig

    Good Day,

    Please carify when do you suppose to prepare the simulation jig for the LT3748?

  • LT3748 boundary mode detection

    Hi, I am having some problems getting a design based on the LT3748 to regulate. The input is 12V and output should be 5V, 

    Examining the scope output at the FET drain point it seems that the boundary mode condition is not being detected. The voltage at…

  • LT3748 not working

    Hello Team,

    We have designed flyback converter with LT3748. We want output to be 48V with 1.4A capability.

    Please find attached schematic of LT3748 Flyback converter. We have done the simulation and simulation circuit works fine.We have used Wurth transformer…

  • LT3748 INTVCC pin


    I am using LT3748 for PoE supply generation.

    Below is my circuit:

    I am testing this circuit.

    I am not getting any output.

    Is any wrong connection to INTVCC pin?

  • lt3748 input/output capacitance and sense resistor

    Hey everyone,

    Can someone please provide me with an app note or info on how the following is calculated:

    • Input current required to sustain a certain output current/voltage for the selection of the sense resistor.
    • How to select the minimum input and output…
  • LT3748 Flyback controller


    I would like to design LT3748 Isolated power solution to our PoE PSE source.

    Following is our specification:

    Vin: 14V (+-) 10%

    Vout: 48V@250mA

    There is a reference design on ADI website(see following link), but its transformer size is too big to fit…