• LT3743 control compensation


    We've been using the LT3743 for several years now. I'm reviewing the circuit design, and I noticed that the formula on p.20 of the datasheet doesn't work - or maybe I'm misreading it somehow.

    Rc = fs * L * 1000V / (Vo * Rs) (I tried…

  • LT3743 Current Rising Problem (at Strobe drive, 20A)


    I have a problem.
    I made a strobe light a long time ago using a DC1470A circuit with CBT-90-B.
    The layout of the parts, traces, vias, etc. were copied almost as-is.
    The parts are slightly different from the specifications presented. Value is the same…

  • LT3743 : Current Difference between channels.

    I use two LT3743 on one board.

    When output 6A, the difference of channels is about 300mA.

    CH-A is normal, CH-B is low current.

    This phenomenon didnot occur on large boards, but this phenomenosn occurs on small boards( 1/4 size)

    As a result of the test…

  • [LT3743] How to remove surge current.

    I control IR-LED with LT3743.

    For 100us, it supplies 16V / 20A.

    I want to remove the waveform of the yellow dotted circle.

    The surge current is Max 33A in the yellow dotted circle.

    The power waveform is the same as this.

    High Side/Low Side MOSFET is BSC070N10LS5…

  • LT3743 current leakage from IC to load (probably form SW)

     we are using LT3743 current regulator to drive a laser diode. The circuit is very similar to the example given on page 21 of its datasheet (www.analog.com/.../3743fe.pdf).
    We measure a current of nearly 40-50uA from the IC to the circuit output …

  • Voltage Value at RT on LT3743


    I am writing a test requirement document on a CCA the contains a LT3743.  I have reached the part of my test that would require probing at pin 15 (RT) on the LT3743.  I don't see any way to know what signal to expect there.  I see a max of 3V from…

  • LT3743 - Current shoot through in LTSpice sim?

    Hi all, 

    I would appreciate a bit of friendly advice. Can you please point me in the right direction? 

    I am trying to push the LT3743 to a ~40A solution. I am using it to drive a laser at dc. No PWM. Just 12V to about 40A (Vf is about 1.25V at this current…

  • LT3743 used for multiple Lasers

    I have used the LT3743 in the past where we drove lasers with large currents ( 10-15A).  For this new project, i have 3 lasers with much smaller currents.  This part might not be the ideal part and I am open to another suggestion, but I'm somewhat familiar…

  • LT3743 DESIGN

    The LED driver LT3743 drives two levels of current 16Amp and 4Amp.

    The LED driver drives these currents separately meaning: I use 16amp  or 4am. in separate times and the gape between the two currents is seconds.

    Also I am not sensitive to the fading of…

  • Problems with output current using LT3743


    I'm developing a LED driver running at high currents using the LT3743. I have build the circuit following the reference circuit given in page 23 of the datasheet.  I have changed the components on the board, according to the given calculations…