• LT3652HV Charging Issue

    I am using LT3652HV for charging the SLA battery (12V). I have followed the circuit diagram of DC1688A EVB kit to avoid any kind of error. But the charging is not happening. For testing the circuit, i have connected a 12V SLA battery at BAT pin of LT3652HV…

  • LT3652HV Charge Termination Problem

    I have been using the LT3652HV for a 12V lead acid battery power product and have made 60 of them with no issues. However on the lastest batch of 20 the circuit is having issues with doing the charge termination and entering float mode. Please see the…

  • LT3652HV charging issue


    We would like to apply LT3652HV (DC1568A reference board) to charge 4.2V Li-ion battery.

    Modify the resistor value (Rfb1=91K, Rfb2=332K, Rfb3=178K) and setting floating voltage at 4.2V.

    However, we find the CHRG LED is blinking when Vbat reach floating…

  • Reverse Battery Voltage Protection for LT3652

    I am looking at using the LT3652 (or LT3652HV in this case) to provide a solar panel charge controller for a removable battery (SLA or LiFePO4).  

    Considering the typical application circuit shown on page 24 of the LT3652HV datasheet, I would like to know…

  • RE: Inquire of cell# limitation of LTC4010


    16 is the max number of cells for the LTC4010. We do not have a dedicated NiCd charger that can do 20 cells.

    We do have some generic chargers that will work such as the LT3652HV, but note that these do not have termination that is recommended for…

  • RE: LTC1731-8.X in series from one power supply

    Yes you are right, a balancer is needed and I think those are all great suggestions. I will have to implement an active op amp balancer like you said.

    My options for a power supply are very fluid, with the limitation that I want one supply to plug into…

  • RE: LTC4120 not enough current

    Hi Ricardo, 

    Yes you are right that LTC4120 provides up to 400mA of charge current. To get more charge current, you can use LT3652HV as the receiver IC. Please refer to this link below for the reference of this design: 


  • LT3652 reverse current protection

    Is there reverse current protection in the pin BAT? Do I have to create a reverse current protection myself?

    More importantly, what is Analog Device's suggested reverse current protection for this IC?

    LT3652, battery module, and spacecraft load are…

  • Power Regulator for solar charge of low power application

    I have a device which has a 9.6v (9v form factor) LIFEPO4 battery.

    The device draws 100mA at peak power but most of the time it sits at less than 1mA.

    I'd like to add a solar panel to augment the battery life, now, with a 320mA battery, I have around…

  • LTC4125 - Burst of Power

    Hi everyone,

    I have somes problems with the LTC4125. I'm using this component as a TX to do a power transmitter to charge a single cell LIFEPO4 with the help of the LT3652HV as a RX.

    I found this schematic on the page 26 of the LTC4125 datasheet.