• LT3652 & SLA 24V: is it possible?

    Hi, is it possible to charge a 2x12V series lead acid battery with this IC? I read from the data sheet it should not manage more than 18V on the output so the answer should be no, I just would like to have a confirmation. Otherwise, which IC could I use…

  • LT3652

    I have an IIOT Project and would like a circuit review. 

    I will be using two Li-ion 4.2V Battery`s in parallel

    1. 26650 battery type 4.2V 13800mah
    2. 4.2VDC x 2 = 8.4VDC
    3. I use a float voltage of +/- 8.3V
    4. I was unable to find the resistors  (RFB1 626k and RFB2…
  • LT3652

    Hello i need to test LT3652.what is its test setup?

    May i connect DC load at battery terminal instead of battery?

    And also i want to know Over charging cutoff voltage and low battery voltage cut off value for Part no LT3652..

  • Lt3652

    I have a question about ( LT3652 Power Tracking 2A Battery Charger for Solar Power).
    Can LT3652 be used for charging (12V/22Ah, GEL CELL) batteries?
  • LT3652 Issues

    Hello all,

    I am working on a project that uses 2S Li-Ion battery (7.4V nominal). I am using LT3652 to charge the battery via 6W/10W solar panel and I have set the maximum charging current at 0.8 Amp.

    I am using 2 nos 6V panels in series thus giving resultant…

  • LT3652 EMI


    We have been using the LT3652 to charge a 4V, 4.5A SLA battery standby charging of 4.52-4.6V with a solar panel or other DC sources. We are undergoing EMI testing for our unit, and we have encountered issues regarding this portion of the circuit…

  • LT3652 & SEPIC

    Hi - I have a design with the LT3652, it's a very good chip. I'd like to know if there is chance that it could be used in a SEPIC topology? I use it as a 3-LiIon charger (1A), but my Vcc can be from 10 to 20V. So currently, I have a LT1935 to do…

  • LT3652 battery balancing


    I designed the solar charger based on the LT3652. I designed the charger that can with the use of jumpers by switching resistor between Vbat and Vfb program the desired value of the battery voltage. I use combination for 2 or 3 cells of the LiFePO4…

  • LT3652 3.3V float voltage


    If i want the float voltage of the LT3652 to be set to 3.3V - do I leave the Vfb pin floating? 

    All of the datasheet notes are about setting this level to something higher than 3.3V but do not mention if you want to leave it as 3.3V.

    Many thanks


  • Regarding LT3652

    We are using  Battery charger IC part LT3652HVEMSE#PBF for charging Inspired energy battery pack NH2054HT34 and Totex battery U80510


    Battery charger IC is having NTC function with NTC resistor range 10k to 250k as per the charger IC  datasheet and battery…