• ADE7878 X-WATT/VAR levels

    Hi there,

    I have a problem i would like Your response to, thank You.   

    Below is seen a screenshot of two measurements I have made.

    Register Register value     RMS-current measured by external power meter
  • RE: ADIS16495 Point of percussion

    Hi Greg,

    Here are the approximately distances, for the x, y and z axes:  24.7 mm, 8.2 mm and 7.0 mm

    I hope that this helps!


  • RE: Can I debug an ADuC7060 in IAR with an iJet?

    So I've finally got round to trying this out and my IJet does connect to the ADuC7061 (when running IAR 8.2). My next problem is finding the correct cstartup.s file for my project!

  • AD5933 Evaluation board and Windows 8 64-Bit

    Hello, we have purchased the EVAL-AD5933EBZ and installed the software as you mention in the User Guide but the card is not recognized. The installation was made in windows 8.2, is that a problem? The User Guide mentions Window XP. 

  • lt3650 hasn't terminating charge


                Lt3650-8.2 hasn't terminating charge even though, the battery is 8.14V or above. Here we checked with out loading the battery also. If you want share me the schematic i will share you.

    Thanks and regards,

    Megha shyam

    Hardware design eng…

  • Where do I get ADuC7060_FLASH_Standalone.icf from?

    I'm running IAR version 8.2 and I've also got the ADuC7060 eval kit which comes with a few pieces of example code. They don't compile because it can't find the linker file ADuC7060_FLASH_Standalone.icf, and neither can I! Where can I get it from?…

  • RE: Flash/EE Programming via LIN Communication- ADuCM330

    Dear Mr. Holger! 

    Thanks for your response. 

    I can understand that Canoe is a separate tool. Last time you send me a Canoe file which can only work on versions higher than 8.2. 

    Can you provide that same file with lower version, if possible.?


  • ADIsimPE fails to update

    Original Question: ADIsimPE fails to update by lw1ecp


    I was using version 8.1 of ADIsimPE, until now that it detects there is a version is 8.2 and refuses to make simulations.

    But the installer I downloaded from https://sdk.analog.com/pmp/pmp.aspx…



    For CLK=22.8 MHz..............try replacing L3 with 1 uH and C22 with 68 pF.    A CLKN=112 and CLKR=130 should be correct settings.

    For the LC tank consisting of L1, L2 and C18......................try reducing L1, L2 to 8.2 uH and C18 to 140 pF…