• RE: How can I increase current range to 4A in CN0352 application


    I am still searching for another option to use instead of ADP5065. As I told earlier, we are testing Li-ion batteries  with rating 0-5V, 4A. Actually LT3651-4.1 or  LT3651-4.2 are matching with the current requirement. But how can I observe various…

  • RE: ADIS16495 Point of percussion

    Hi Greg,

    Here are the approximately distances, for the x, y and z axes:  24.7 mm, 8.2 mm and 7.0 mm

    I hope that this helps!


  • RE: LTM8061EV-8.2 2 Cell Charging

    LTM8061EV-8.2 does not support direct cell balancing. Indirectly it does have temperature monitoring option and fault detection of the bad battery. 

  • lt3650-8.2 battery removal indication


           If TIMER based charge termination is used, what is the indication for battery removal ? that means charging status LED will turn off or it exhibits blinking pattern, if battery is removed for TIMER based charge termination.

    Thanks & Regards,…

  • LT3650-8.2 doesn NOT terminate the charging

    I tested 8 samples and I found two of 8 does NOT terminate the charging even if VBAT reached 8.23V and the charge current decrease down to 50mA.

    I attach my schematic , please advice me how to fix this problem.

  • ADuCM350 SDK not working on IAR 8.2


    I've been trying to make the ADuCM350 and the debugger work with the latest IAR IDE. However, I've been unsuccessful in this task.

    I did a clean installation: uninstalled my previous IAR IDE, uninstalled the J-link drivers, uninstalled the…

  • RE: RE: EVAL-CN0429-EBZ not displaying correct values.

    This is the setup that I have using the CN-0429 gas sensor board, ADuCM355 Arduino Interposer board and the EVAL-ADICUP3029.

    The board that is seen in position 2 will not initialize as seen with the other two boards in position 1 and 4. My guess it that…

  • ADIsimPE fails to update


    I was using version 8.1 of ADIsimPE, until now that it detects there is a version is 8.2 and refuses to make simulations.

    But the installer I downloaded from https://sdk.analog.com/pmp/pmp.aspx?file=PMP1300 is still 8.1 and no longer works, even uninstalling…

  • RE: Can I debug an ADuC7060 in IAR with an iJet?

    So I've finally got round to trying this out and my IJet does connect to the ADuC7061 (when running IAR 8.2). My next problem is finding the correct cstartup.s file for my project!