• How to design HMC7044 loop filter?ADIsimPLL 4.1 did not include HMC7044.

    How to design HMC7044 loop filter?ADIsimPLL 4.1 did not include HMC7044.

  • [Need] HDCP supporting device driver for adv7611 and adv7613 in linux(4.1)

    Hi folks,

    I am finding a device driver with HDCP for adv7611 and 7613 running on Linux 4.1.

    Unfortunately, I failed to get it.

    Please help me out

    mainly I have to implement HDCP protocol under adv7611 adv 7613 as of recevier also

    I heard that HDCP…

  • SigmaStudio 4.1 crashes on startup in Windows 10, but runs in Safe Mode


    I have just installed SigmaStudio 4.1 64bits in my windows 10 machine, but when trying t start the program it crashes

    I tried running it in compatibility mode on windows xp, 7 and 8, without success.

    I tried running it on Safe Mode and the…

  • [#5886] bfin-elf-libstdc++-4.3 has two regression case compared with libstdc++-4.1

    [#5886] bfin-elf-libstdc++-4.3 has two regression case compared with libstdc++-4.1

    Submitted By: Mingquan Pan

    Open Date

    2010-02-08 01:30:27     Close Date

    2010-07-01 02:30:13


    Medium High     Assignee:



    N/A     Silicon Revision:

  • [Bug Report] SigmaStudio Ver. 4.1, Build 1, Rev. 1761 - - Problem adding algorithm in first-order filter

    A project developed in a previous, 3-point-something version of SigmaStudio had a bit of a hissy-fit opening in the installation of 4.1 that I'm running now.  Warning messages on the screen could be bypassed and the project would open, but it would…

  • Is there an explanation of the undocumented register values listed in the ADV7280-M example script(ADV7280M_Cust-VER.4.1.txt)?

    I'm looking at ADV7280M_Cust-VER.4.1.txt and there are writes to bit 7 of register 0x0E:

    :AUTODETECT CVBS Single Ended In Ain 3, MIPI Out:
    delay 10 ;
    42 0F 00 ; Exit Power Down Mode
    42 00 02 ; INSEL = CVBS in on Ain 3
    42 0E 80 ; ADI Required Write

  • RE: How can I increase current range to 4A in CN0352 application


    I am still searching for another option to use instead of ADP5065. As I told earlier, we are testing Li-ion batteries  with rating 0-5V, 4A. Actually LT3651-4.1 or  LT3651-4.2 are matching with the current requirement. But how can I observe various…

  • RE: Three electrode measurement for AD5933?

    It is worth noting that the deviation now is on the order of one percent, so squeezing extra performance is going to be increasingly laborious. A thing to try is to lower MCKL for the last 10 measurements even further, say to the following: 50, 25, 25…

  • RE: LTC4065L Charging Voltage

    The full-charge voltage of the LTC4065L-4.1 can be found in the Electrical Characteristics table, p. 3 in the datasheet. The flow chart on page 12 shows the recharge voltage.  If the cell is connected to the LTC4065L-4.1 and the cell voltage drops below…

  • RE: ADI Board Support Package for the HDL Workflow Advisor issue

    Hi Andrei,

    ok,i see.

    But 2017a branch still has bug. Could you help this ?

    A. ADS-B Airplane Tracking Tutorial

    in step 3.2 set the version 1.0 and step 4.1 create project will be fail.

    in step 3.2 I set the version to 2.0 and 4.1 create project will…