• RE: How can I increase current range to 4A in CN0352 application


    I am still searching for another option to use instead of ADP5065. As I told earlier, we are testing Li-ion batteries  with rating 0-5V, 4A. Actually LT3651-4.1 or  LT3651-4.2 are matching with the current requirement. But how can I observe various…

  • Double write in SigmaStudio 4.1

    I am working on a project with ADAU1761.

    By some reason when changing some parameters in SigmaStudio 4.1, the capture window shows that data is written twice - same data to the same addresses. It happens with the invert cell and with equalizer, for example…

  • XML file by SigmaStudio 4.1

    Dear support team,

    I found a bug for XML generate function at SigmaStudio 4.1.

    Address information on XML is wrong,when I made the XML file which include I2C command by output window.

    At Right side window, I saved these command.

    After that when I…

  • SDK 4.1 installion problem

    I try to install SDK4.10 on VDSP++ 5.0  update 10, the installation abort, becasue the installation only detect  VDSP++ 5.0 update 9. any idea why I install SDK4.1 on update 10?

  • RE: ADAU1467 Sample Rate Converter (Synchronous SRC) generates an error.

    Hello Takumi3952,

    It is a bug that seems like it was introduced with REV 4.1. It will compile correctly with Rev 3.17 so it is a bug. Rev 4.1 and 4.2 were each a large improvement so going back to Rev3.17 may not be a good idea. I have reported the bug…

  • RE: Three electrode measurement for AD5933?

    It is worth noting that the deviation now is on the order of one percent, so squeezing extra performance is going to be increasingly laborious. A thing to try is to lower MCKL for the last 10 measurements even further, say to the following: 50, 25, 25…

  • SigmaStudio 4.1 Export Sequence Data

    Since version 4.1 the button in Export Sequence Data  in Capture Window is off

    I have to go back to 4.0 to use this feature.

    Am i missing something?

    Thank you!


  • SigmaStudio 4.1, ADAU1462 bug report

    Hi there,

    SigmaStudio 4.1, RealTimeVariant for ADAU1462 still doesn't work. VariantEditor window doesn't opening.

    For ADAU1452 all is OK.

    Best regards,

    Konstantin Morozov

  • ADAU1466 memory compile error in SigmaStudio 4.1

    (Updated to include pictures) I originally posted this in another thread, but did not get a response.  While using SigmaStudio 4.1, with the ADAU1466, I run into a memory problem.  This problem appears to have been resolved in the past (version 3.15), but…