• LT3651 overheating

    Hi there,

    I'm using LT3651 to charge 8.4V 8300mA Li-ion batteries @4A or 2A

    Problem is that the chip is overheating too much, it will be extremely hot!  over 120 °C  

    Below is my schematic design and connections.

    Even if I reduce the charge current…

  • SDK 4.1 installion problem

    I try to install SDK4.10 on VDSP++ 5.0  update 10, the installation abort, becasue the installation only detect  VDSP++ 5.0 update 9. any idea why I install SDK4.1 on update 10?

  • XML file by SigmaStudio 4.1

    Dear support team,

    I found a bug for XML generate function at SigmaStudio 4.1.

    Address information on XML is wrong,when I made the XML file which include I2C command by output window.

    At Right side window, I saved these command.

    After that when I…

  • Double write in SigmaStudio 4.1

    I am working on a project with ADAU1761.

    By some reason when changing some parameters in SigmaStudio 4.1, the capture window shows that data is written twice - same data to the same addresses. It happens with the invert cell and with equalizer, for example…

  • SigmaStudio 4.1, ADAU1462 bug report

    Hi there,

    SigmaStudio 4.1, RealTimeVariant for ADAU1462 still doesn't work. VariantEditor window doesn't opening.

    For ADAU1452 all is OK.

    Best regards,

    Konstantin Morozov

  • SigmaStudio 4.1 Export Sequence Data

    Since version 4.1 the button in Export Sequence Data  in Capture Window is off

    I have to go back to 4.0 to use this feature.

    Am i missing something?

    Thank you!


  • ADAU1466 memory compile error in SigmaStudio 4.1

    (Updated to include pictures) I originally posted this in another thread, but did not get a response.  While using SigmaStudio 4.1, with the ADAU1466, I run into a memory problem.  This problem appears to have been resolved in the past (version 3.15), but…

  • SigmaStudio 4.1 - ADAU1466 AUXADC tab - reading wrong ADC value.

    I report error in sigma studio 4.1, ADAU1466 AUXADC tab.

    The ADC value displayed on the slider is only 0 or 3, despite the correct voltage reading from the pin in the application.

  • Which branch of Linux supports AD9361 with Linux 4.1?

    I'm trying to compile the device driver for the AD9316 with Linux 4.1.  I'm required to use this kernel due to the CPU we are using.  I have downloaded 3 branches from github.com/analogdevicesinc/Linux.  The branches are: xcomm_zynq, xcomm_zynq_4_0…

  • ADAU1761 SigmaStudio 4.1, detail information about Fixed / Beam Forming Designer

    I use the ADAU1761 with the Sigma Studio ver.4.4.

    In the Tool Box, we can find two beam forming function

     - Adaptive / Adaptive Beam Forming Algorithm

     - Fixed    / Beam Forming Designer


    But in the on-line help, they are not included.

    On the Wiki, I could…