• LT3580 voltage overshoot


    In my design I am planning to use LT3580 but I have the following issue: When the simulation starts, although the Vout is set to ~33V, the output voltage starts from ~39V. This is not a behavior that the following powered device will be accepting…

  • LT8335 vs. LT3580

    In my design I need 2 supply rails +12V & -12V from a +5V. I will be using these supplies to power transceivers that are rated a max current drawn of 120mA\130mA. In order to give enough spare in the power ratings of the required solution I thought of…

  • LT3580 maximum duty cycle


    I have a question regarding the maximum duty cycle (DCmax) calculation given on page 8 of the LT3580 datasheet.

    I think Tp here means is the inverse of fosc, which is defined on page 12. 

    If so, for a given fosc = 1 MHz one obtains RT = 90.9 kOhm…

  • LT3580 EP range: reference and package


    I have a question regarding the LT3580 boost converter in EP range.

    Based on this page (https://www.analog.com/en/applications/markets/aerospace-and-defense-pavilion-home/aerospace-and-defense-products/enhanced-product-listing.html), the LT3580…

  • using LT3580  for genrating  –5V

    using LT3580  for genrating  –5V Output by giving  Inputs Between 3.3V to 12V but observes 5mv output.Used recommended application circuit given in datasheet(–5V Output Inverting Converter Switches at 2.5MHz and Accepts Inputs Between 3.3V to 12V)Please…

  • Faied to output -15V using LT3580

    Hi everyone,

    It looks like that it doesn't let me to upload .asc simulation file, so I just take a snapshot, sorry about the inconvenient.

    So I was trying to output -15V from LT3580 with 15V input. Could anyone help me to check whether this design…

  • LT3580的输出极点计算?

    芯片LT3580 datasheet page 11, Outpole=2/2π*Rload*Cout,根据figure计算,

  • Problem with driving a circuit using boost converter(LT3580) from Li-ion Battery

    Hi All,

    I have a device that runs on 9V battery. It consumes about 100 mA @ 8.5 V. I am trying to replace 9V battery with rechargeable Li - ion battery (1 cell nominal 3.7 V). I have connected Li-ion battery to input of LT3580 (schematic attached). The…

  • 负输出稳压器


  • RE: LT8580 Frequency Foldback

    If this part uses the same control circuit as the LT8580, or LT3580, I would expect the same behavior.