• LT3476 VREF connection

    Good day,

             Just one simple Q about LT3476 VREF pin, can i connect it to a digital potentiometer directly for dimming tuning instead of resistor string? Thank you so much.

  • PWM Maximum frequency of LT3476?


    In my application, I need a high PWM frquency.

    So what's the max. PWM frquency for LT3476  or where can I find such information for other LED drivers.


  • LT3476 current calculation from Rsense

    Perhaps I missed it on the datasheet, but how exactly do you calculate the current to the LED from adjusting the value of Rsense? I do not see an equation. I assume that Rsense just sets the max/full scale current and making it smaller increases the max…

  • AD5144A+LT3476使用问题

    现在做一款调光的设备。使用LT3476+AD5144A配合。利用LT3476输出的Vref(1.05V)做AD5144A A端的参考电压。发现Vref只有0.8V左右。将LT3476于AD5144A断开发现Vref输出是正常的1.05V。AD5144A那边要求的上电时序等都是对的但是还是会把Vref拉到0.8V。请问是什么原因造成的。

  • AD5144+LT3476使用问题

    AD5144+LT3476 搭配使用,发现LT3476的Vref只有0.8V,将两者断开后Vref=1.05V正常。AD5144的上电时序以及其他都已经符合SPEC要求,但是VREF接到AD5144的A端时还是会被拉到0.8V。请帮忙看看这是什么原因造成的。

  • LT3476 limit cycle

    In my experiment with LT3476 for LED dimming, I saw a phenomenon that seems like a limit cycle. I need some help to explain this. For my circuit employing the LT3476, I used 21K for Rt resistor, that means the switching frequency is 1[MHz], and used 20…

  • Is the LT3476 LED appropriate for a color sequential application?

    HUD's and other applications often use color sequential operation, that is, sequentially switching the R, G, and B LED's in a R>G>B>R>G>B pattern at rates up to 960 Hz.  This means the on times for each LED can be as short as 1 millisecond…

  • RE: About LT3476  for  improve the onset of pulse-skipping behavior

    Thank you for your post.

    Don't make the capacitor from SW to VC too large (I call the capacitor Cblank but that may not be the best name).

    As mentioned in the datasheet excerpt you show above, the capacitor from SW to VC should be around 1000 times…

  • RE: LT3476EUHF

    Thank you for the post.  LED driver controllers similar to the LT3476 were not designed to PWM dim the LED brightness at repeat rates that are lower than around 100Hz.  If the repeat rate is lower than 100Hz, your eyes will see the blinking of the LEDs…

  • RE: LT3476EUHF led-driver does not proper work

    The LT3476 can perform PWM dimming of the LED brightness but the LT3476 may not be able to achieve a "camera flash" as you mention.  To achieve PWM dimming of LED brightness, the LT3476 essentially turns the LED on and off repeatedly with a repetition…