• RE: LT3471 softstart isn't very soft

    Hi Erik,

    The problem is the current sources. If the load is not an ideal current source then you can get a softstart using the RC soft-start feature. For example, if the loads are OLEDs then you can get a soft-start using the RC soft-start feature of…

  • LT3471 fail

    Hi we have a circuit using a lt3471 to generate +/- 16.5 V from 12v supply..   Load draws approximately 200mA each rail

    We actually have several such circuits in a row on our prototype PCB

    Unfortunately we have had several failures of the part, specifically…

  • LT3471 to power a dual power supply


    I am working on an application which needs a dual power supply. The rest of circuitry is ready and while looking for a dual power supply IC, i came across LT3471. My application would need a +25v and -25v supply, with a current requirement of 100mA…

  • LT3471 simulation issue in LTspice


    I'm simulating LT3471 to give output of +/- 6V at 50mA each from 3.3V input supply. Negative side convertor is OK working at 1.2Mhz but positive side is working at around 7 Khz. 

    Is my converter going into some low frequency mode ? Why is it so…

  • LT3471 Out of order

    I am a new hand, the new welded circuit board, can not work normally, to consult.
    Solder circuit board according to chip manual.However, Vref is always 0.56v, the chip cannot work, the positive voltage output is wrong, and the negative voltage cannot be…

  • LT3471 Inverter Loop Gain Measurement

    I am measuring the loop gain of the LT3471 in Inverter configuration. The operating condition is -15V from 5V. Based on the compensation block diagram provided in the datasheet, I've simulated the converter in SIMPLIS, but the result is not the same as…

  • 求指教!!LT3471的问题



  • LT3471 Load Transient Response

    Dear All:

    I want to know LT3471 output load transient response depend on datasheet page 1 picture Vout1 & Vout2 ,have any detail information to me refer. thanks

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  • RE: LT8364 vs LT3471 in terms of noise

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  • RE: 参考设计丨满足高精度应用的可编程20位、线性、精密、双极性±5 V直流电压源!


    CN-0531电源树如图2所示,包括 LT3471 升压/反相转换器,其后是 LT3042 (正)和 LT3093 (负)超低噪声、超高PSRR线性稳压器。

    LT3471允许电路从开发平台板提供的3.3 V或5 V单电源供电。输出电压设置为±8 V,然后由LT3042和LT3093调节至±7.5 V。在LT3471的1.2 MHz开关频率下,LT3042和LT3093分别提供出色的80 dB和75 dB PSRR,确保DAC输出端的开关馈通最小。