• LT3471 Negative Supply

    I have designed a ±20V power supply using this device and I have used the same design on a previous board which worked well. This time I am using an increased power supply (from 8V to 12V) and the only other change is the input capacitor was swapped for…

  • LT3471 not working

    I have been testing a prototype pcb, and been having some issues with a LT3471 circuit that takes about 5V as input voltage and outputs +-12V based on the example circuit found on page 16 in the datasheet. When powered the positive rail sits a 5.5V, the…

  • LT3471 - Calculating C6 For SW2 Output

    The LT3471 datasheet discusses calculation of Cpl for the SW1 output on pages 7 through 8 of the datasheet.  Figure 2 on page 8 of the datasheet shows Cpl with a value of 33pF (presumably calculated as discussed on pages 7 and 9 of the datasheet based on…

  • LT3471 input voltage v.s. output current curve

    Dear Sir,

    Can I know that the relative for input voltage value V.S. output current? Do you have output current v.s. input voltage curve?

    If out1 and out2 are positive voltage, these two output currents can up to how many current value? 


  • LT3471 Shutdown

    I am attempting to run a dual power supply using this device and the supply itself works, however when I attempt to shutdown the power supply the negative rail goes to 0V but the positive sits just below the input voltage. Is this normal operation or…

  • Why LT3471 efficiency in my project is 20%?


    LT3471 used to drive OLED, Output positive voltage 6.22V/78mA;Output negative voltage -4.58V/38mA,Input voltage 4.8V /681mA,that efficiency is only 20%,please check schematic ,what  is caused that ?attached schematic,thanks! PDF

  • LT3471 current

    Looking at the datasheet the output current of the various designs seems to be linked to the Input Voltage. Is there a way to work out the current capability of a design?
    I'm looking at producing a design that is:
    12V in
    +/-16V output at minimum 400mA…

  • RE: LT3471 softstart isn't very soft

    Hi Erik,

    The problem is the current sources. If the load is not an ideal current source then you can get a softstart using the RC soft-start feature. For example, if the loads are OLEDs then you can get a soft-start using the RC soft-start feature of…

  • LT3471 24Vin to +-36Vout

    Hello, this my first post here.  Can the LT3471 do the following?
    24Vin, +36Vout, -36Vout, Output current min 250mA on each leg, 400mA would be nice

    As I read the data sheet the voltage stress would be 24+36 = 60V on the negative, that worries me as it…