• LT3471 current

    Looking at the datasheet the output current of the various designs seems to be linked to the Input Voltage. Is there a way to work out the current capability of a design?
    I'm looking at producing a design that is:
    12V in
    +/-16V output at minimum 400mA…

  • RE: +-5 from single +5

    Check out LT3471 and LT8582.

  • LT3471 fail

    Hi we have a circuit using a lt3471 to generate +/- 16.5 V from 12v supply..   Load draws approximately 200mA each rail

    We actually have several such circuits in a row on our prototype PCB

    Unfortunately we have had several failures of the part, specifically…

  • RE: +5V to 42V step regulator design

    Thank you for your reply ! 

    It looks like both  ADP5071, LT3471 will not give me as much power as the LT8582

  • LT8364 vs LT3471 in terms of noise


    Recently I use a LT8364 in a boost converter circuit with switching frequency of 1.2MHz, and found that it's noise is quite higher than a LT3471 boost converter circuit I've previously used. Is the LT8364 a higher noise part than the LT3471?…

  • RE: Multiple footprints generated by .bxl file?

    Hi Fil,

    I did use the bxl file from the ADI website, then uploaded it to the Ultra Librarian website.

    It was for parts LT3471, LT8471 and ADM7150.

    I've worked it out, they are IPC Least, Normal and Maximum footprints.

    It didn't happen with bxl files…

  • LT3471 simulation issue in LTspice


    I'm simulating LT3471 to give output of +/- 6V at 50mA each from 3.3V input supply. Negative side convertor is OK working at 1.2Mhz but positive side is working at around 7 Khz. 

    Is my converter going into some low frequency mode ? Why is it so…

  • RE: LT3471 Out of order


    The Vref pin voltage should be 1V. Check the soldering and try to fix this first.

  • LT3471 Load Transient Response

    Dear All:

    I want to know LT3471 output load transient response depend on datasheet page 1 picture Vout1 & Vout2 ,have any detail information to me refer. thanks

    Best Regards,