• Designing modern power supply challenge

    Hello everyone ;)
    At the beginning I want to highlight that I'm not native speaker so sorry for any shortcuts or other misunderstandings, but I will try to be specific as much as possible.

    So here we go ;)

    I want to build a modern power supply that is…

  • RE: Split cap on LT3045

    Just wondering, if it pads 3 and 4 are interchangeable in their position? In the data sheet schematic LT3045 , OUT connects to the split capacitor physically opposed to GND. The "sense part " of the split cap is physically between OUTS and the GND side…

  • RE: Can we use the LT3045-1 in place of the LT3045 without layout change?

    That's good to know, thanks.

    I've just seen that with the LT3094 the maximum PGFB current is specified as 100nA (30nA typical), which would match with the 2x to 3x the designer told for the LT3045.

    I assume that with the LT3094 the current flows…

  • 如何产生低噪声电压?这篇文章告诉你!


    根据滤波器所需的截止频率,有时空间要求会相当大,而且电感器成本高昂。不过,无源滤波器的最大缺点是滤波器会增加一些损耗和随工作电流变化的输出电压(如同图1中的 VOUT )。因此,所产生电压的直流调节精度相当低。

    图1. 开关稳压器输出端的无源滤波器


  • RE: How to use the LT3093 with BJT to implement higher current output

    The design group just informed me that they don't recommend using external pnp or npn's with the LT3093 and similar devices since the circuits are not bench tested and may have stability problems.  The design group recommends paralleling the LT3094…

  • RE: Drill layer on eval kit DC2624A

    Hi Armand,

    Please refer on this file for the Demo board Layout.


    You can download this on analog website. Under Resources -> DC2624A Design Files.


  • RE: LT3045 Output Impedance?

    The output impedance depends on LT3045, the output cap and the load characteristic. LT3045 and LT3094 has very high bandwidth, so the output impedance should be low.

  • RE: LT3042/LT3045 with 24 Volt Output?

    Greetings, Germany.

    You can achieve 24VOUT by combining positive and negative low noise LDOs, even if the abs. max. ratings of the LDOs are less than 24V.  

    To illustrate the idea, the simulation results in the image below show a positive LT3042 combined…

  • LT3045 OPT Capacitor in DC2491A and input cap


    I am doing the layout for a PCB including multiple LT3045 and LT3094 regulators. The DC2491A evaluation manual and schematic shows a non-populated 1206 ceramic cap C5 which looks to be placed where a conventional input cap may be placed. Is there…