• LT3094 thermal pad connection


    We are using LT3094 to generate -5v 20ma from - 12v. 

    We made an error on the pcb that the thermal pad is floating instead of connected to input.

    Meanwhile we got - 5v at the output.

    Is there any performance degradation in this case? 


  • LT3045/LT3094 Positive and negative 24v output


    i succeed to get positive and negative 12V with the ciruit here below but i need 24v output. Is there any way that you show me lt spice model to do that.

    Best Regards...

  • RE: lt3094 4并输出电压的问题

    First of all, by using a 30kOhm Rset, the programmed output voltage is 12V, not 15V. But since your output voltage is only 2.8V, there must be something else. Please remove all three 0.47uF caps from SET to ground and see if the problem is still there…

  • Heat sink for LT3094/DC2624 without degrading the PSRR performance


    I would like to use LT3094/LT3045-1 for positive and negative power supply. The output voltage is +- 12V but the input may be +-15V or +-18V. We are considering putting a heat sink beneath the LDOs (i.e., on the 4th layer).

    But the reference designs…

  • LT3045 and LT3094 on one PCB


    The recommended PCB designs for LT3045 and LT3094 are presented in the form of two separate PCBs. In my project I would like to place both regulators on one board. My question concerns the GND planes on layers L2 and L3. Should the planes on each…

  • Any special precautions using LT3045 LT3094 as tracking regulators?

    Would like to use an LT3045 and LT3094 as tracking linear post-regulators to generate +/-3-6V supplies (that track eachother) - with a high-speed opamp (e.g. AD8610 or AD4625-1) in the feedback loop. Are there any special precautions in doing so?

  • Can the LT3094 ILIM pin be used to monitor output current?

    The LT3042, LT3045... (all positive LDOs of that family) note that some fraction (1:400 or 1:500, depending on max current) of the output current is sourced from the ILIM pin.

    Given that the LT3094 is from the same family and the block diagram looks similar…

  • How to accurately create ballast resistors for paralleling LDOs like LT3045 or LT3094?

    How to use a PCB trace to create the ballast resistors in the layout? In my board the regulator outputs are directly going to a power plane through a via at the regulator output. Should the traces be placed before the via? Can anyone share a sample layout…

  • Two stage +/-15V supply with LT4320 bridges

    Is there any plans to support the below signal chain power?

    • (50Hz AC) -> (LT4320) -> (LT3081) -> (LT3045)
    • (50Hz AC) -> (LT4320) -> (LT3091) -> (LT3094)

    Preferably with room for large bulk caps in all three stages

    The reason is, it…

  • RE: Stingray X/Ku Phased Array referent schematic questions


    The DC regulator components are indeed on the BOM and the schematic. The schematic details the circuitry for all the DC rails, which are derived from an external +12 VDC supply via the P1/P2 connector. Links to the parts can be found on the wiki…