• VIOC-Pin at the LT3094


    I have a question about the VIOC-Pin at the LT3094. Currently I am using the TPS65131 from Texas Instruments as a DC-DC-Converter. I have connected the LT3094 as a post-regulator at the negative output of the DC-DC-Converter. The positive output…
  • LT3090 startup vs LT3094 startup

    In the current application (symm voltages of LT3065 and LT3090 +/- 14V out output Cout 1000uF/ low ESR) , the LT3090 misbehaves during startup.

    After recycling of input voltage, normal ops. I found this behaviour described in the LT3090 datasheet pg 21…

  • LT3094 Spice Model Problem

    I'm trying to build a +/-16.5V power supply using either two LT8364 (which I already have) or one LT8582 and a pair of LT3045-1 / LT3094 to post-regulate the output of the DC/DC converters. As I'm trying to make use of the VIOC feature, I'd like to…

  • Can you connect LT3045 and LT3094 to create floating supply?


    I want to create a floating supply for my chip. I don't care a lot about absolute voltages as long as differential voltage is accurate and low noise. I see that capacitance on SET pin determines the output noise. Can I combine them as follow (see…

  • LT3094: Input voltage effect on PSSR


    I'm using LT3094 in my one of the design.

    I observed that the dropout voltage is given as 235mV in datasheet. As well as there is a graph which provides the input voltage reference formula as Vin = Vout - 2.3V.

    So what is this about ?

    Can anyone…

  • LT3094 Design Files


    I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem? I'm trying to view the design files in Altium for LT3094 (I'm aware they were designed in Orcad). I had successfully imported the design files for LT3045 but for LT3094, it keeps showing up blank…

  • SCP-LT3094-EVALZ layout so far to right of board on purpose?

    The SCP-LT3094-EVALZ has a long strip of copper between the input cap and the connector. Is there a reason for this? I'd like to make it a little more compact. Do I need to copy that in my final design?

  • RE: LT3094 LTspice simulation for -2.5 V


    The answer might be too late for Tim, but others might face a similar problem.

    If you change the output voltage by changing RSET, you also have to adjust the voltage divider from OUT to PGFB. If you don't do that, the startup circuit may try to quickly…

  • LT3094 unknown output


    I'm currently having an output issue that I hope someone can shed some light on.

    I have the LT3094 connected with the following:

    GND: pins 6 (ILIM), 9 (GND)
    VIN (@ -15V): pins 1 (IN), 2 (IN), 3 (EN/UV), 5 (PGFB), and 13 (Exposed Pad)
    PG: NC (floating…