• MTBF/MTTF/FIT of LT3094. What is the FIT(Failures in Time) of LT3094?

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    For medical qualification reason we need the MTBF/MTTF/FIT of LT3094. 

    But it is impossible to find the value or the process in 


  • LT8364 / LT3094 VIOC behaviour

    I am attempting to use the VIOC capability of the LT3094 to control an upstream LT8364, as shown:

    This works as expected with little to no bypass capacitor on the LT3094 SET pin:

    However, increasing the bypass cap (C7) to 100nF or more prevents the…

  • LT3045,LT3094组成的双电源输出



  • RE: Will an LTspice model be available for the LT3094?

    Please do SYNC RELEASE in LTspice. The model has been released. Thanks!

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  • LT3094 reverse input protection

    The LT3045 datasheet clearly mentions reverse input protection, however I find nothing in the LT3094 datasheet.

    Can a diode be inserted between the pins IN and PGFB of the LT3094 datasheet to provide such a protection, similarly to the LT3045 ?

    I tried…

  • LT3094 layout footprint question


                  Customer request below dimension for layout footprint. Do we have these dimension to provide for layout? Thank you.  



  • LT3045 and LT3094 almost always DOA

    I have a design that uses two LT3045's and an LT3094, and most of these LDOs never work.

    An LT3045 configured for 4.99V out (49.9k set resistor) typically sees 1.96V on the set pin.  I have verified that the current source simply isn't working.…

  • VIOC-Pin at the LT3094


    I have a question about the VIOC-Pin at the LT3094. Currently I am using the TPS65131 from Texas Instruments as a DC-DC-Converter. I have connected the LT3094 as a post-regulator at the negative output of the DC-DC-Converter. The positive output…
  • LT3090 startup vs LT3094 startup

    In the current application (symm voltages of LT3065 and LT3090 +/- 14V out output Cout 1000uF/ low ESR) , the LT3090 misbehaves during startup.

    After recycling of input voltage, normal ops. I found this behaviour described in the LT3090 datasheet pg 21…