• RE: MTBF/MTTF/FIT of LT3094. What is the FIT(Failures in Time) of LT3094?


    go to the product page:


    Click on 'Documentation' tab, you'll end up at:

    Check out the notes below of the tables.

    kind regards


  • LT3094 reverse input protection

    The LT3045 datasheet clearly mentions reverse input protection, however I find nothing in the LT3094 datasheet.

    Can a diode be inserted between the pins IN and PGFB of the LT3094 datasheet to provide such a protection, similarly to the LT3045 ?

    I tried…

  • RE: LT3094 layout footprint question

    Hi Patrick,

    There is recommended pad layout right beside this drawing in page 32 of datasheet. The recommended shape for that exposed pad at bottom of IC is just a plane rectangle and should be sufficient. Does this address the concern?

  • LT3094 Spice Model Problem

    I'm trying to build a +/-16.5V power supply using either two LT8364 (which I already have) or one LT8582 and a pair of LT3045-1 / LT3094 to post-regulate the output of the DC/DC converters. As I'm trying to make use of the VIOC feature, I'd like to…

  • LT3094 Design Files


    I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem? I'm trying to view the design files in Altium for LT3094 (I'm aware they were designed in Orcad). I had successfully imported the design files for LT3045 but for LT3094, it keeps showing up blank…

  • LT3094 unknown output


    I'm currently having an output issue that I hope someone can shed some light on.

    I have the LT3094 connected with the following:

    GND: pins 6 (ILIM), 9 (GND)
    VIN (@ -15V): pins 1 (IN), 2 (IN), 3 (EN/UV), 5 (PGFB), and 13 (Exposed Pad)
    PG: NC (floating…

  • VIOC-Pin at the LT3094


    I have a question about the VIOC-Pin at the LT3094. Currently I am using the TPS65131 from Texas Instruments as a DC-DC-Converter. I have connected the LT3094 as a post-regulator at the negative output of the DC-DC-Converter. The positive output…
  • LT3094 thermal pad connection


    We are using LT3094 to generate -5v 20ma from - 12v. 

    We made an error on the pcb that the thermal pad is floating instead of connected to input.

    Meanwhile we got - 5v at the output.

    Is there any performance degradation in this case? 


  • RE: LT3045 and LT3094 almost always DOA

    Hi Erik,

    Your LTSpice simulation does work and I do not see any issues with the components that you have chosen. Have you double checked your layout to verify everything is correct on that end? Please see datasheets/demo manuals for LT3045 and LT3094…

  • LT3094: Input voltage effect on PSSR


    I'm using LT3094 in my one of the design.

    I observed that the dropout voltage is given as 235mV in datasheet. As well as there is a graph which provides the input voltage reference formula as Vin = Vout - 2.3V.

    So what is this about ?

    Can anyone…