• RE: LT3045 Output Impedance?

    The output impedance depends on LT3045, the output cap and the load characteristic. LT3045 and LT3094 has very high bandwidth, so the output impedance should be low.

  • RE: Heat sink for LT3094/DC2624 without degrading the PSRR performance


    I found that the Rset and OutS must be connected to a Kelvin like Capacitor. I am using LT3045-1/LT3094 dring multiple amplifiers and each power rail is decoupled with a 10uF tantalum capacitor and 0.1uF X7R capacitor, is there any stability issues…

  • RE: LT3045 and LT3094 on one PCB

    The GND planes on L2 and L3 can be connected as one entire plane.

  • RE: Any special precautions using LT3045 LT3094 as tracking regulators?

    LT3045 and LT3094 can be used as a dual power supply. You can use LTSpice to simulate the circuit, or send me the schematic.

  • Will an LTspice model be available for the LT3094?

    I have a new design with 2 LT3094's, and expect to use the part in other future designs. An LTspice model would be helpful.

  • LT3094 LTspice simulation for -2.5 V

    The reference circuit on p. 1 of the LT3094 datasheet seems to work fine for -3.3 V.

    However, changing the 33.2 K resistor to 24.9K to get -2.5V doesn't work.

    Even the LTspice reference circuit has this same problem.

    Both only allow the voltage to…

  • LT3042/LT3045 with 24 Volt Output?

    Hello from Germany,

    I am looking for an ultra low noise voltage regulator with 24V (and -24V) output. Would it be possible to cascade two LT3042/3045 (and the same with LT3094) which are set to 12V output to get 24V? Like two batteries added serially…

  • Can the LT3094 ILIM pin be used to monitor output current?

    The LT3042, LT3045... (all positive LDOs of that family) note that some fraction (1:400 or 1:500, depending on max current) of the output current is sourced from the ILIM pin.

    Given that the LT3094 is from the same family and the block diagram looks similar…

  • How to accurately create ballast resistors for paralleling LDOs like LT3045 or LT3094?

    How to use a PCB trace to create the ballast resistors in the layout? In my board the regulator outputs are directly going to a power plane through a via at the regulator output. Should the traces be placed before the via? Can anyone share a sample layout…