• Driving LT3093 Set Pin With a Voltage


    I am currently trying to design a specialized type of circuit utilizing the LT3093. We are essentially trying to generate a positive voltage rail that sinks current rather than sourcing it. This can be done with a negative voltage LDO (like the…

  • LT3093 Pin 13 and 1 connected in the chip?

    I have soldered an LT3093 to a breakout PCB and I'm trying to determine that Pin 13 (IN, the pad on the bottom) has made a good connection.  I thought I could use a multimeter to see that the resistance between Pin 1 (also IN) and the breakout PCB pad…

  • LT3093 burns after leaving on overnight

    I am using LT3093 as a negative voltage regulator in the following configuration:

    Input is -12V and output set by R8 is -9V.

    Leaving the board on overnight, I see the device is completely burnt and its PCB pads were damaged too.

    I also use LT3045 on the…

  • How to use the LT3093 with BJT to implement higher current output

    I have a question.

    LT3042 have two type of application circuits that be used on the BJT of NPN and PNP to implement higher current output.
    But I can't find any similar applications of LT3093 in datasheet.

    Do you know the reason?

    Wait for your kindly…

  • 关于LT3093设计文件打不开的问题


      我从ADI的官网上下了LT3093的评估板文件“DC2952A - Design Files”,但其中“DC2952A-1.pcb”文件使用Altium Designer 18,Allegro等软件无法打开,使用Import也无法导入。



  • RE: LT3042 negative voltage


    please use a negative LDO like our LT3093 for this task:

    LT3093 Datasheet and Product Info | Analog Devices

    It offers similar performance on noise and PSRR as the LT3042

    Or ADP7183 will fit as well

  • RE: LT3094EMSE replacement

    Hi Nanjunda M,

    You may take a look at LT3093: LT3093 Datasheet and Product Info | Analog Devices

    You can also look for other negative LDOs here: Negative Linear Regulators (LDO) | Analog Devices

  • RE: 参考设计丨满足高精度应用的可编程20位、线性、精密、双极性±5 V直流电压源!


    CN-0531电源树如图2所示,包括 LT3471 升压/反相转换器,其后是 LT3042 (正)和 LT3093 (负)超低噪声、超高PSRR线性稳压器。

    LT3471允许电路从开发平台板提供的3.3 V或5 V单电源供电。输出电压设置为±8 V,然后由LT3042和LT3093调节至±7.5 V。在LT3471的1.2 MHz开关频率下,LT3042和LT3093分别提供出色的80 dB和75 dB PSRR,确保DAC输出端的开关馈通最小。


  • RE: LT3042 PG pin when not powered (IN = 0 V)

    Hi Noel and ARad,

    Thank you for your answer, this gives me the information I needed.

    The project is an early stage prototype and it's unclear when it will enter production. Initial volume would be low: probably only 100 boards, each board using one LT3042…

  • RE: Failure of LTM4651 - Short of VIN to PGND


    We have seen one unit fail so far, but have only tested 4x units. The part is never hot-plugged into a live supply. +12V is generated from a benchtop lab supply, with local bulk decoupling. We are not aware of any susceptibilities of the load to transients…