• lt3092

    Lt3092, if the input voltage is fixed and the input voltage is greater than 40V, the output current can be adjusted. How to build the circuit? Thank you very much.

  • LT3092 - Package options


    Just wanted to know if the LT3092 Current Source IC is available in 8 pin through-hole package because I only see Surface Mount options on websites. 

    Please could you suggest alternatives with through-hole type pins that can be used on a breadboard…

  • lt3092



    I NEED TO SUPPLY A VALVE whit CURRENT  50mA to 110mA using your l T3092’s

    i have A mcu that can output I2C or SPI .

    i need to figure out a way to be able to adjust…

  • LT3092 pin diagram


    Please can you tell me how to use the 8 pin LT3092?

    There are 3 input pins, 2 output pins and 1 SET pin. How would I connect these inorder to build a current source using two additional resistors (like shown on page 1 of datasheet)?

    Would I have to…

  • LT3092

    想问一下,输入电压固定70V,然后输出电流可调0.5ma~100ma     电路怎么搭建?

  • LT3092 is not function

    Does this circuit work?  I don't know why the circuit I have drawn is not working.  I want to keep the current between 0-2 K load constant with DAC at the desired value between 0.5-20 mA.  I want to keep the current between 0-2 K load constant with DAC…

  • LT3092 Guard Ring

    A customer asks about the LT3092, "do you have an example of the schematic diagram and the PCB track for the SET pin guard ring, as recommended in the datasheet." 

    I will answer the post myself.

  • LT3092: current source noise optimisation

    Hi, all,

    in the CN-0540 there is a note that there was done an LT spice simulation of the constant current source (based on LT3092) to optimize its noise performance (see Constant current source section, p.3). Is it possible to get more details about this…

  • LT3092 Long Term Drift

    I need to build a current source to calibrate a product in manufacturing.  I would like to calibrate the current source annually and know what it's drift might be like over the year.  I see no such data in the datasheet.


  • RE: LT3092 output minimum current


    I want to control current with DAC. Would you recommend an application circuit for this?