• LT3090 LTspice simulation stronge results.

    Hi, experts,

    I fond some stronge results of LTspice of LT3090. As shown bellow left one, a configuration of Arbitrarily High Voltage Applications in datasheet Page 26, I can't get 50V out or max 600mA current out. 

    I try to change the Rload, when Rload…

  • LT3090 LTspice simulation failure


    I want to employ LT3090 to achieve a -17.5V negative output. Taking this picture below as reference to draw my LTspice simulation circuit.

    And here is my simulation circuit in LTspice below

    But when it runs it fails at output voltage, show below…

  • LT3090 startup vs LT3094 startup

    In the current application (symm voltages of LT3065 and LT3090 +/- 14V out output Cout 1000uF/ low ESR) , the LT3090 misbehaves during startup.

    After recycling of input voltage, normal ops. I found this behaviour described in the LT3090 datasheet pg 21…

  • LT3090 offset voltage

    Hi All,

    Need your help to understand the datasheet parameters. Per datasheet, ΔVos has ±2mV over line and load variation, however there is another parameter (with load regulation), ΔVos has maximum offset voltage of 2.5 mV which contradicts…

  • LT3081 & LT3090 SET Pin(Resistor Select) Question


    Now I'm working on development using the LT3081 and LT3090.

    It is a simple circuit in which the input voltage to the SET pin of LT3081 and LT3090 is output to Vout (Vout = same to SET pin voltage).

    I have something curious about my circuit now…

  • LT3090(LT3090EMSE)输出电压异常的问题


  • LT3090 Negative Linear Regulator

    Hi all,

    I am designing an SMPS which needs a very well regulated (<100mVpp) voltage, maximum output voltage of 5kV. I am looking into a "hybrid" supply which uses the SMPS and has some regulation on the secondary side also to minimize ripple levels.…

  • LT3090 output voltage controlled by DAC

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I used the TPS7A3301 in an application where i adjusted the feedback voltage using a DAC. Vin=-30 and Vout=-27 to -28. It worked nicely however i ran into a problem with this part at these voltages that made the solution non viable.

  • I would like to ask about the input voltage of the LT3090.

    Hello. I am a graduate student studying at Chungbuk National University in South Korea.

    Nowaday, I used the LT3090 and I made it according to the configuration of the Basic Adjustable Regulator described in Datasheet.

    But I did not see the input voltage…
  • RE: AD5259 evaluation software issues

    Please post the circuit design with LT3090 in the appropriate forum so that the concerned Apps eng for the LT3090 can review and provide feedback.