• Paralleling 3 LT3086 with Master/Slave function of LT3086

    Can I use 3 parallel LT3086 with Master/Slave function of LT3086?

  • RE: LT3086 soldering recommendations

    Thank you ARad.

    We debugged further and found some manual soldering issues from our end. Nearby these ICs, tall components were mounted and so manual assembling had some issues. Once we removed tall components, soldered the IC and reinstalled tall components…

  • LT3086 's unused pin


        I would like to use LT3086 simply , the track, cdc, temp funtion will be discarded. So how to connect the three pins,   not connected or pull down , pull up ? (track, cdc, temp)

  • LT3086 PWRGD Behavior in SHDN

    A customer asked this common question, so I will answer the question in a REPLY post:

    "The LTspice model indicates that PWRGD is not correct when the LT3086 SHDN pin is low.  Is the model correct?"

  • LT3086 in Parallel Using R Package

    Question from customer about the LT3086:

    "Is parallel operation possible on the R- package & if so how?"

    Note:  Compared to the DHD and FE packages, the R package does not have a TRACK pin so the paralleling method shown in the datashe…

  • lt3086 simple gated circuit won't turn on

    Dear Sirs:

    Dear Sirs:

         We have a simple gated regulator using an LT3086 DFN.   It’s output is set to 6V via a 110k res for Rset.   And Rset is shunted by .01uf cap.   Rmon is 392 ohms.  Have 10uf caps on in and out.

         Ref to attached circuit and waveform…

  • lt3086 did not get proper output on load

    Hi Team,

    I am using the LT3086 power module for the generation of 5V supply from 7V input.

    I am using the current limit function in the module so I connected 1K-10nF series circuit parallelly 1K RMON resistor. So as per the calculation, the current is…

  • LT3086 as Adjustable Voltage Controlled Current Source: Low load behaviour


    I want to use the LT3086 as a voltage controlled current source. Based on https://www.analog.com/en/design-center/reference-designs/circuit-collections/lt3086-adjustable-voltage-controlled-current-source.html#cc-overview I realized the following circuit…

  • LT3086 and LT3091 as post switching regulators. Can anyone check my schematic?

    Hello to all,

    I'd like to us these devices to get +/-12V. Hence it is my first design, if someone can check my schematic, it would be appriciated. I can send it via e-mail.

  • [LT3086] As an adjustable current source, heats up at low load conditions

    Dear Analog team,

    I'm currently testing the lt3086 as an adjustable current source.

    I added a few op-amps to convert voltage levels to my ADC / DAC that monitors and controls the device. Appart from that, everything is quite default. (please check…