• Paralleling 3 LT3086 with Master/Slave function of LT3086

    Can I use 3 parallel LT3086 with Master/Slave function of LT3086?

  • LT3086 Output Below 400mV

    I'm using the LT3086 as a linear postregulator to a switching power supply. I'm designing a circuit that acts like an adjustable power supply for a bench. I had planned on using LTC7106 to adjust the output voltage of the LT3086 and the switcher. If I…

  • LT3086 soldering recommendations

    Hi All,

    We are using LT3086 in our application to generate different output voltages. Load current is < 20mA. We are observing issues at the output.

    1. Output voltage generated is less than desired voltage. 

    2. Sometimes output voltage regulates well…

  • Heat sink for LT3086

    Hi Team,

    We are going to LT3086(T0-220) in our project.

    Kindly suggest a suitable heatsink for the same.

  • LT3086 's unused pin


        I would like to use LT3086 simply , the track, cdc, temp funtion will be discarded. So how to connect the three pins,   not connected or pull down , pull up ? (track, cdc, temp)

  • LT3086 PWRGD Behavior in SHDN

    A customer asked this common question, so I will answer the question in a REPLY post:

    "The LTspice model indicates that PWRGD is not correct when the LT3086 SHDN pin is low.  Is the model correct?"

  • LT3086 in Parallel Using R Package

    Question from customer about the LT3086:

    "Is parallel operation possible on the R- package & if so how?"

    Note:  Compared to the DHD and FE packages, the R package does not have a TRACK pin so the paralleling method shown in the datashe…

  • lt3086 simple gated circuit won't turn on

    Dear Sirs:

    Dear Sirs:

         We have a simple gated regulator using an LT3086 DFN.   It’s output is set to 6V via a 110k res for Rset.   And Rset is shunted by .01uf cap.   Rmon is 392 ohms.  Have 10uf caps on in and out.

         Ref to attached circuit and waveform…

  • RE: lt3086 - voltage output regulation with digital potentiometer

    You need an In-Amp at LT3086 Vout to GND with an voltage divider at the In-Amp input that will trim the LT3086 Vout to within the digipot terminal voltage range.

    Use the IN-Amp VOUT pin to connect to Digipot terminals followed by a second stage amplifier…

  • lt3086 did not get proper output on load

    Hi Team,

    I am using the LT3086 power module for the generation of 5V supply from 7V input.

    I am using the current limit function in the module so I connected 1K-10nF series circuit parallelly 1K RMON resistor. So as per the calculation, the current is…