• RE: LT3083 behavior with one supply missing

    This EZ post may answer your question.  The post title is "Disable LT3083".

  • LT3083 as a Voc Clamp to power LTC4015


    I am using the LTC4015 with Solar Panels that have Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) as high as 42V, but the maximum voltage that can go into the LTC4015 is about 36V. So I am looking for a Voltage clamp / Regulator that can output 36V/3A from a 42V…

  • LT3083 output not zero when set pin grounded.

    I am using an LT3083 as a 2-terminal current source, per the last figure in the data sheet. The LT Spice simulation works as expected, but the actual circuit has a residual voltage of over 2V when the set pin is grounded. I realize that there is a minimum…

  • The Current of VCCS by LT3083 is not stable !

    Hi everyone

        I am trying to design a VSSC circuit by LT 3083 to drive a LED or resistor . But the current is not stable as expected or described in datasheet by LT3083 .  I  tried to repalce the power with DC/DC or LDO ,but not improved .  

    Later ,I tri…

  • RE: LT3081 and LT3083 Application Examples - Boosting Fixed Output Regulators

    I just tried the LT1963-3.3 + LT3083 Boosting Fixed Output Regulators application from the image in my original post above.  The circuit is also in the LT3083 datasheet.  The output regulates correctly at no load and it was not necessary to add any preload…

  • 使用LT3083设计恒流源时,电流不稳定问题




    1. 供电电源使用DC/DC 或者LDO时,二者测试效果无差别,电流波动大;

    2. 负载使用水泥电阻 或 LED  时,二者测试效果无差别,电流波动大;

    3. 参考电压Vref来源 : 使用DAC8563 或者NI 采集卡USB6009…

  • RE: LDO with 5A and reverse current blocking

    Hi Niels,

    I can only find LT1084 that can support up to 5A. The LT3083 you asked in separate thread can only support up to 3A. The pass device is a BJT similar to LT3083 so I assume reverse leakage current you will expect may be similar. 

  • RE: LT3083EDF#PBF(DFN package) center thermal pad solder paste size

    I just asked the pcb designer for LT3083 demonstration circuit DC1585A and the pcb designer said we use a 0.004 inch to 0.005 inch thick stencil to apply the solder when we assemble the demonstration circuits.  The LT3083 datasheet PACKAGE DESCRIPTION…

  • RE: DC2132A with remote voltage sensing

    Hi Niels,

    Thank you for your input. 

    1. output voltage controlled by a DAC

    Yes, it can be controlled by placing DAC to drive the SET pin directly. I think a simple non-inverting amplifier powered by Vin will do the trick.

    But I need…
  • RE: RH3083 , Absolute Maximum Ratings, IN Pin Voltage (is it 18 volts or 23 volts)?

    The design group is responsible for the datasheet, but I asked the designer the same question about the similar LT3083 recently and the designer said in that case overload means that the device's current rating is exceeded.  For instance, the LT3083…