• Paralleled LT3083 plus buck circuit choice question


    I have learned that a special hi-efficiency regulator circuit showed on Page 21 of datasheet.

    In order to achieve my real demand, by search and pick, I find the monolithic buck IC, LT8648.

    Now my question is, can a LT8648 buck replace the LTC3610…

  • Disable LT3083

    If I want to disable the device LT3083, Vout=0V, is it enough to set the Vin equals to 0V?

    Should I have to set the Vctrl=0V?

  • LT3083 application

    I want to use  LT3083 ,

    1.Vcontrol =18V

    2.Vin = 3--16V,  SET PIN0--15V with DAC output  

    Can I  get  VOUT=0--15V  ?

    thank you !



    I have just repeated your setup with my LTSpice and here the simulator shows the correct and expected 1.35V as output voltage. Your problem is the missing output load, as the LT3083 demands for a minimum load of 1mA (see datasheet):

    Just add…

  • LT3083 current / load sharing


    LT3083 datasheet shows 10 mOhm ballast resistors connected to OUT for using two LT3083 in parallel.

    The TO-220 package has quite long pins, which will automatically act as ballast resistors, but I am not sure if the resistance is large enough.

  • LT3083使能


  • LT3083 as current booster

    Before I completely give up on LT308X parts maybe I can try to use one LT3083 as I need 4.5A & hoped that this was also a better way of using the LT3083 as using it in voltage out mode is proving problematic - it's not regulating correctly


  • Adding Reverse Current Protection to LT3083


    I want to use the LT3083 due to its low dropout and its possibility to easily set the output voltage via DAC.

    But I definitely need reverse current protection.

    To add reverse current protection, I thought of placing a diode at the IN pin. Thus…

  • Voltage applied to VOUT of LT3083


    what will happen if an external  voltage is applied to VOUT of the LT3083, that is greater than the voltage at the SET pin, but smaller than the voltage at VIN?

    What will happen if an external  voltage is applied to VOUT of the LT3083, that is greater…

  • Thermal area required for LT3083

    The application is to use LT3083 as constant current source of 1A. If I have 1 oz 4 layer PCB, which thermal considerations I need to take care. In terms of Copper area, thermal vias etc...

    Can you please provide the calculations to get best optimum…