• Simulation of LT3081


    I did some simulation of the low dropout regulator LT3081 about the current limit. But no matter how I adjust the values and settings, the simulation values are always greater than the theoretical values.

    Please give me some suggestion.


  • RE: How to set the current limit of an LT3081 using a DAC?

    Regarding a digital potentiometer, the AD5272-20 is a 20kohm digipot (I2C) with 10-bit resolution (1024 steps). You could put it in parallel with a fixed resistor to adjust the range and resolution of the net resistance on the I_LIM pin.

    Regarding using…

  • LT3081 Output voltage using a DAC


    I want to design a variable power supply (10 to 24V) as a part of a test equipment and want to use the LT3081 because of its nice current limiting and monitoring features. My idea is to use a buffered DAC and connect it to the SET pin. Is this possible…

  • LT3081 floating reg as battery charger?

    I was thinking of using LT3081 regs in series to charge a series of batteries connected in series - each LT3081 keeping its equivalent battery in the series at a set voltage?

    This has been done with TL431 & ancillary external transistors (see circuit…

  • LT3081 & LT3090 SET Pin(Resistor Select) Question


    Now I'm working on development using the LT3081 and LT3090.

    It is a simple circuit in which the input voltage to the SET pin of LT3081 and LT3090 is output to Vout (Vout = same to SET pin voltage).

    I have something curious about my circuit now…


    A customer essentially asks, "What is the easiest way to shutdown the LT3081 using a positive referenced logic signal?"  I get this question a lot so I will answer myself in a reply post.

  • LT3081 Overload Recovery - Applies to Many LT308X LDOs

    Here is a question that I received from a customer quite a while ago, but I will post the question here and then also post the answer since the question applies to multiple LDOs and I get similar questions frequently.  Here is the customer's question:…

  • Using a LT3081 for a HV output power supply (300V at 200mA)

    Looking for a way to provide a clean 300V DC (approx.) output from a rectified 320-330V DC (50Hz sawtooth ripple 10Vpp, from a full bridge rectifier.)

    Can I use a LT3081, with 6Megohm SET resistor (appropriate voltage rating) - alternatively are there…

  • LT3081 and LT3083 Application Examples - Boosting Fixed Output Regulators

    A customer would like to know the details about a resistor divider used in both example circuits, so I will provide the schematics in question and my response in a REPLY post.

  • 关于LT3081限制电流的设置问题