• LT3081 LDO Protection

    LT3081 datasheet briefly mentions about the in built protection like reverse input & output voltage, thermal protection. But do we need to add any external protection circuit for LDO? for example reverse current protection diode between IN and OUT pin…

  • RE: How to set the current limit of an LT3081 using a DAC?

    I came back to this project recently, and after some experiments, it turns out indeed the 6uA coming out of the ILIM pin of the regulator is not quite constant, but there is a temperature dependent tiny current added on top of the 6uA that boosts up the…

  • Using a LT3081 for a HV output power supply (300V at 200mA)

    Looking for a way to provide a clean 300V DC (approx.) output from a rectified 320-330V DC (50Hz sawtooth ripple 10Vpp, from a full bridge rectifier.)

    Can I use a LT3081, with 6Megohm SET resistor (appropriate voltage rating) - alternatively are there…

  • LT3081 & LT3090 SET Pin(Resistor Select) Question


    Now I'm working on development using the LT3081 and LT3090.

    It is a simple circuit in which the input voltage to the SET pin of LT3081 and LT3090 is output to Vout (Vout = same to SET pin voltage).

    I have something curious about my circuit now…


    A customer essentially asks, "What is the easiest way to shutdown the LT3081 using a positive referenced logic signal?"  I get this question a lot so I will answer myself in a reply post.

  • LT3081 floating reg as battery charger?

    I was thinking of using LT3081 regs in series to charge a series of batteries connected in series - each LT3081 keeping its equivalent battery in the series at a set voltage?

    This has been done with TL431 & ancillary external transistors (see circuit…

  • LT3081 Overload Recovery - Applies to Many LT308X LDOs

    Here is a question that I received from a customer quite a while ago, but I will post the question here and then also post the answer since the question applies to multiple LDOs and I get similar questions frequently.  Here is the customer's question:…

  • LT3081 and LT3083 Application Examples - Boosting Fixed Output Regulators

    A customer would like to know the details about a resistor divider used in both example circuits, so I will provide the schematics in question and my response in a REPLY post.

  • 关于LT3081限制电流的设置问题





  • LT3081 Output voltage using a DAC


    I want to design a variable power supply (10 to 24V) as a part of a test equipment and want to use the LT3081 because of its nice current limiting and monitoring features. My idea is to use a buffered DAC and connect it to the SET pin. Is this possible…