• RE: LT3080

    Can you attach here your simulation file? Try to increase your simulation time and check the results.

    According to the recommend circuit on page 17 of the datasheet, you can have a 100uF on the output of your LDO. The schematic given there is for 6Vin…

  • RE: LT3080 LTM4644 MIL specs

    Hi jiamin,

    If “military spec’ means -55°C operating temperature, yes the LTM4644MPY#PBF is military grade.

    LT3080 is not. You may find other LT308x family with MP grade.

  • LT3080 Power Supply Rejection Ratio

    I tried to replicate all the the characterization of the PSRR in an LT3080 but I have very different result from the datasheet and simulation

    Here is what the data sheet suggest 

    This is the circuit that I used to bias and the circuit

    This is the simulated…

  • LT3080 Thermal Shutdown

    Hi LT, can you please describe the thermal shutdown mode of the LT3080 LDO. I see on the datasheet 2 figures that describe the SOA and current limits relative to the input - output differential and the current limit over temperature. 

    My question is how…

  • LT3080 Transistor Count


    I am a reliability engineer currently conducting a trade study which includes the LT3080. Is there a factor of 10 estimate for the number of transistors used in this product? 

  • LT3080 Vcontrol Voltage


    The voltage of Vcontrol pin does not have to be same as that of VIN pin?

    I'll use LT3080 on condition that IN=2.5V, Vcontrol=3.3V, OUT=1.8V.  Any problem?



  • LT3080 Dropout Voltage

    A customer asks concerning the LT3080:  "We operate at: Vin = 3.3V Vout = 3V, Vcontrol = 5V, output current max. = 200mA. Is this ok?"

    This is a common question so I will answer it myself in a REPLY post.

  • LT3080 SET Pin Voltage

    Dear All,

    In LT3080 datasheet, absolute maximum for SET pin Voltage relative to OUT pin is given as ±0.3V. However, In typical applications circuits on "Adding Shutdown" set pin is clamped to output with 1N4148 which has nominal voltage drop of 1V (higher…

  • Vout calculation of LT3080


               Below is customer condition. Customer would like to know 5Vout range at -40C, 25C, 125C temperature. How to use below chart and formula to calculate 5V output voltage range at these temperatures? Thank you. 

    >Vin=15V, Vout=5V, ILOAD=100mA…

  • Adding soft-start for LDO LT3080


    I have a question about the below circuit of LT3080, what is the purpose of D1?

    Is that for discharge C2 when the Vin disappeared? 

    Because D1 will affect the accuracy of Vout, I do not want to add D1。

    Best Regards,