• LT3080 Vcontrol pin : separate voltage supply with a dedicated DCDC converter


    I use the LT3080 to regulate from 28.5V  input to 28V output. This dropout voltage of 0.5V is insufficient to supply the Vcontrol pin, which requires a minimum of 1.2V.

    Can you recommend a small DCDC converter able to generate a voltage of about 30…


    Field support asked a good question so I will post it here:

    Question:  Won't the OUT to SET abs. max. rating be violated if OUT of the LT3080 is in overload, since SET will program one voltage but the overloaded OUT will be a lower voltage?  For example…

  • LT3080 Exposed Pad Is Soldered to Ground by Mistake

    I get this question frequently so I will post the question and then answer myself:

    "I made a mistake and did not notice that the LT3080 datasheet says for the DD PACKAGE that "EXPOSED PAD (PIN 9) IS OUT, MUST BE SOLDERED TO PCB".  I made…

  • LT3080 Vcontrol Voltage


    The voltage of Vcontrol pin does not have to be same as that of VIN pin?

    I'll use LT3080 on condition that IN=2.5V, Vcontrol=3.3V, OUT=1.8V.  Any problem?



  • RE: LTM 8067 Outputs Oring


    LT3080-1 shares current when they have same input voltage I guess? Is it possible LT3080-1 share current when they have seperate input supply?


  • RE: LT3090EMSE's exposed pad connection

    Your question is very similar to the question in this post titled "LT3080 Exposed Pad Is Soldered to Ground by Mistake".  The post discusses an LT3080 which is a positive LDO and the LT3090 in your question is a negative, but the scenario is…

  • RE: Isolation for a chain of swithcing regulator

    Hi Power Jack,

    If you mean galvanically isolated, you can refer to No-opto Flyback Family like LT8309, LT3748.

    For higher power a forward converter like LT3753 or ADP1074 can help.

    If you…

  • RE: Pulsed current source

    LT3080 is a 1.1A part so it may not do the job. You may want to check higher current version LT3083 and simulate in LTspice to check its transient capabilities.

  • RE: LT3083 output not zero when set pin grounded.

    It is possible to violate the Abs. Max. Rating of the LT3083 by shorting SET and in that case the LT3083 may behave strangely as you report.  I assume you also have a capacitor from the input of your current source to the OUT pin of the LT3083.  The capacitor…

  • RE: Thermal area required for LT3083

    What is the voltage of your load?  The power dissipation of your LT3083 depends on the IN to OUT voltage.

    Your pcb may be 1 ounce starting copper thickness on all layers, but after plating the pcb may be 1 ounce inner copper and 2 ounce finished outer…