• LT3065 - Junction Temperature


    Is there any LT3065 product which has a junction temperature of 175°C or higher? MP- and H- grades have a junction temperature of 150°C, are these absolute maximum values? What happens when the temperature exceeds 150°C? Asking this because in…

  • LT3065/LT3055 current boost with external transistors

    I found the technique mentioned in this ariticle ( https://www.analog.com/en/technical-articles/increasing-output-current-of-the-ultralow-noise-ultrahigh-psrr-lt3042-200ma-linear-regulator.html ) quite applicable for my application, where high current,…

  • LT3065 PWRGD SHDWN high

    Could you let me know the behaviour of the PWRGD pin on the 3.3V vestion when both the SHDWN pin and PWRGD pin are pulled up to the in pin by 47 K OHM resistors. To what low voltage is PWRGD still valid? I have seen reports that PWRGD might pulse even…

  • RE: Paralleling of LT3065


    The second LDO voltage can be set lower than 39V

    May I know the reason for setting the voltage lower than the 1st LDO?

    Thanks & Regards,

    Nanjunda M

  • LT3065 PWRGD

    The PWRGD signal on the LT3065 stay high when the SHDN pin is low, where the datasheet state that it should remain low if the output is less than 90% of the nominal output value. 

    When the SHDN pin is set to high, the PWRGD pin will pulse low for 3 ms…

  • LT3065 Parts Grading

    In the 'Applications' section of the LT3065 Series Linear Regulators it lists potential applications of Automotive and Avionic power supplies, but I don't see any classification documentation. Is this AEC-Q certified? Avionics grade? 

  • Parallel LT3065s

    Hi , 

    I'd like to use 2 LT3065 LDOs in parallel using ballast resistors to allow for load sharing. The total peak current will be around 250mA (one LT3065 can deliver this however due to the voltage drop we've seen excessive heating of the LDO).…

  • RE: Power components together in a system

    I can't see the file the I uploaded.  I'll try here with a shorter version in case the file was too large.


  • LT3090 startup vs LT3094 startup

    In the current application (symm voltages of LT3065 and LT3090 +/- 14V out output Cout 1000uF/ low ESR) , the LT3090 misbehaves during startup.

    After recycling of input voltage, normal ops. I found this behaviour described in the LT3090 datasheet pg 21…

  • RE: LTC1668 Gain Error

    Hi Clarence,

    Thanks for the response.

    Yes, the output is 0.96 times what I expect, across all the frequencies at which I've tested it (from dc to about 20kHz in this application).

    I haven't tried with a different amplifier, but if I take voltage readings…