• RE: Adjustable Voltage Regulator LT3045

    Thank you!

    As I understand voltage on SET pin is equal to the output voltage, so whatever voltage source is used it suppose to go as hi/low as output voltage is.

    Is it correct?

  • LT3045 and LT3094 almost always DOA

    I have a design that uses two LT3045's and an LT3094, and most of these LDOs never work.

    An LT3045 configured for 4.99V out (49.9k set resistor) typically sees 1.96V on the set pin.  I have verified that the current source simply isn't working.…

  • RE: HMC703 powered with LT3045

    Would you be able to share the schematic or block diagram of your measurement setup with each supply? 

    Have you tried powering the PLL from board LDO and the ref from a bench supply?

  • Lt3042, LT3045 Vout set by DAC

    I need to adjust output voltage in the small range (i.e. with Vout nominal =20V, Vout adj = 15-20V as an example).

    What would be the best way to do it with hardware preset voltage at eithe low or high end and DAC output to make an adjustments.


  • LT3045 Remote sensing

    Is there any guidance  on using the  OUTPUTS  pin on LT3045 for remote sensing? Is it possible to connect this pin to a location on the output plane that is close to  the  load to compensate for pcb losses?  

  • Best way to get variable current limiting on paralleled LT3045?

    Im trying to design a power supply based on paralleled LT3045-1 like the DC2637A, but with a variable current limiting.

    In the DC2637A-design every ILIM-Pin of every LT3045 is equipped with a resistor of equal size, which could be substituted by an expensive…

  • LT3045 datasheet ILIM cancels ballast resistor drop.

    After reviewing the LT3045, LT3045-1 datasheets there is a section which speaks of utilizing the ILIM pins during parallel to cancel the ballast resistor drop yet in the schematic, each output still contains a ballast resistor. 

    My Question: Are the ballast…

  • LT3045输出电源不正常,怀疑电路有问题







  • LTC2641 and LT3045 SET

    Is it possible to connect the Vout of the LTC2641 immediately to the SET of the LT3045 or do I need to add something to work around the 100uA current source in the LT3045? 

  • LT3045 LTSpice Oscillation

    I am seeing an oscillation on in the LTSpice model for the LT3045 LDO. 

    I am using an output capacitor with the following parameters, which correspond to a TDK C1608X5R 10uF cap.
    C = 10u
    Rser = 5m
    Lser = 420p

    The oscillation using a basic cap with those parameters…