• LT3045-1 - Can PGFB Pin Be Connected To OUT If Power Good Is Not Used?

    Page 13 of the LT3045-1 datasheet says: "Tie PGFB to IN if power good and fast start-up functionalities are not needed."  Can the PGFB pin instead be tied to OUT if the power good functionality is not needed?


  • RE: LT3045 start-up problems

    I redrew your circuit to include the load behavior for the two possible scenarios in the image below.  The Abs. Max. rating of the LT3045 is violated when the negative LDO starts first unless the LT3045 OUT is clamped to ground as I show in the image. 

  • Split cap on LT3045


    I am using LT3045 for low noise power supply generation. Following the PCB layout guidelines I used the "split caps" technique for the output capacitor. I understood that this is a sort of Kelvin connection, but I cannot fully explain the physical…

  • RE: LT3045 radiation exposure

    Thanks for taking the time to answer my question.  I once read something about a space application (maybe old) where they duplicated the electronics for the mission.  The second set was left powered off until the first set began to show signs of failure…

  • RE: Use Current Monitoring with multiple LT3045

    Yes, you can use multiple LT3045 in parallel for higher load current. You need to put a small cap close to the SET pin of each part to bypass the local noise. A demo board DC2637A uses four LT3045-1 in parallel. These two parts are very similar. The schematic…

  • LT3045 datasheet ILIM cancels ballast resistor drop.

    After reviewing the LT3045, LT3045-1 datasheets there is a section which speaks of utilizing the ILIM pins during parallel to cancel the ballast resistor drop yet in the schematic, each output still contains a ballast resistor. 

    My Question: Are the ballast…

  • LT3045

    What is the power rating of the resistors to be used? I would like to know if we can use DigiPot(ADN2850) in the place of Rset?

  • LT3045


    The Rset value caulculation is so easy but i can not understand how to calculate RPG2 and RPG1 values, i guess RPG1 is almost always 49.9K but RPG2 is 402k for 3v out, 453k for 3.3v out 700k for 5v out. What is the calculation logic or formula here…

  • LT3045

    my design has Vin=3.3volts and has desired Vout=1.8volts but output is coming fixed 2.2volts (also on changing Rset its output is not changing). I have also simulated same with LT Spice, but there it is coming as desired. Kindly help.

  • LT3045 question

    Hello all,

    I need to have +15V output on the 2x paralleled LT3045 (fixed resistor)

    What's the input voltage range I need to provide to it?

    Thank you