• LT3045 and LT3045-1 noise versus Input to Output Voltage Difference

    Does the LT3045 noise performance deteriorate with a reduction in input to output voltage difference?

    Obviously, the output voltage regulation deteriorates when this difference is below 350mV (dropout), but does the noise performance maybe deteriorate…

  • LT3045/LT3045-1 - PCB Layout Suggestion For Use In Larger System

    The LT3045/LT3045-1 datasheet and eval board manual show a specific layout for preserving PSRR where the LT3045 is preceded by a switching regulator.  However, the datasheet and eval board manual only cover a standalone regulator and do not show it incorporated…

  • LT3045-1 datasheet noise plots

    Good day,

    Referring to the datasheet of the LT3045-1 linear regulator, it appears that the output noise spectral density measured in Fig. 16 of the applications section on page 25 is much higher than the Noise Spectral Density plots of the specifications…

  • Can we use the LT3045-1 in place of the LT3045 without layout change?


    In the MSOP12 package, the only difference between the LT3045 and the LT3045-1 is the VIOC pin.

    If we have a PCB made for the LT3045 with IN layouted to pins 1, 2 and 3, but we now use mostly the LT3045-1 (on other PCBs), can we just use the LT3045…

  • Does the output voltage of the LT3045-1 vary with the load resistance

    Does the output voltage of the LT3045-1 vary with the load resistance?

    I want the input voltage to be 5.3V and the output voltage to be 5V and 500mA. I simulated the output voltage of LT3045-1 in LTspice and found that when Rset= 49.9K, the Vout does…

  • LT3045-1 - Can PGFB Pin Be Connected To OUT If Power Good Is Not Used?

    Page 13 of the LT3045-1 datasheet says: "Tie PGFB to IN if power good and fast start-up functionalities are not needed."  Can the PGFB pin instead be tied to OUT if the power good functionality is not needed?


  • SCP-LT3045-1-EVALZ layout so far to right of board on purpose?

    The SCP-LT3045-1-EVALZ has a long strip of copper between the input cap and the connector. Is there a reason for this? I'd like to make it a little more compact. Do I need to copy that in my final design?

  • Questions about the design of LT3045-1

    I am using LT3045-1 to design the power circuit. In my application, the power supply voltage of LT3045-1 is +5V, and the output voltage is required to be adjustable in three levels, respectively: +0V, +1.5V, +4V, the maximum load current of LT3045…

  • LT3045-1 Clamping Voltage Between SET and OUTS


    According to the LT3045-1 datasheet, there is a SET-TO-OUTS PROTECTION CLAMP, that prevents too high voltages between th error amplifier's inputs in case the output voltage differs too much from the SET voltage (for instance in active current limit…

  • RE: LT3045-1 - Out-To-OUTS Differential Voltage - What Does I Mean?

    What tho you think of the above idea to generate a slightly higher auxiliary voltage?

    Could you comment on that question?

    Also, there are various aspects tied to the voltage difference between IN and OUT:

    One being the output voltage dropping…