• LT3045


    The Rset value caulculation is so easy but i can not understand how to calculate RPG2 and RPG1 values, i guess RPG1 is almost always 49.9K but RPG2 is 402k for 3v out, 453k for 3.3v out 700k for 5v out. What is the calculation logic or formula here…

  • LT3045 question

    Hello all,

    I need to have +15V output on the 2x paralleled LT3045 (fixed resistor)

    What's the input voltage range I need to provide to it?

    Thank you

  • LT3045 - vulnerabilities?

    Dear Analog Devices,

    I have used LT3045EDD#PBF in a number of designs and never had any problem with it. However, on one of my last boards, for the first time, the chip didn't work. I had two prototypes assembled and both have shown the same invalid behaviour…

  • LTC2641 and LT3045 SET

    Is it possible to connect the Vout of the LTC2641 immediately to the SET of the LT3045 or do I need to add something to work around the 100uA current source in the LT3045? 

  • HMC703 powered with LT3045


    I am trying to generate 7.5GHz with eval board HMC703 with 100MHz reference. When I am power the board using benchtop power supply (R&S HMP4040) I got the phase noise similar to the datasheet.

    however. when I power them with 5V and 12V from eval…

  • LT3045 PGFB

    Is it possible not to connect pin 6 anywhere and leave it hanging in the air?

  • LT3045 Output Impedance?


    I am using LT3045 and LT3094s in audio circuits. Whilst the noise performance is excellent, there are some concerns that the dynamic output impedance (Zout) is not low enough especially in the audio range. Zout figures are not indicated in the datasheet…

  • RE: LT3045 negative voltage and sourcing current

    You are probably correct.  The LT3045 LTspice model may not work correctly if its GND pin is not connected to the actual LTspice circuit ground.  I will report that.  I redrew your circuit with the actual LTspice circuit ground connected to the LT3045 GND…

  • Adjustable Voltage Regulator LT3045

    Hello, I want to know if an external voltage can be given instead of Rset in LT3045 regulator application. I wan to change the output voltage linearly at 10mV from 3V to 10V will it be possible using voltage from AO(Analog output card NI) instead of using…

  • Using LT3045 with LTC2972

    I need a ultra low noise power supply with power and sequence control. Can i use a LTC2973 with two LT3045 ultra low noise LDO for this?