• RE: LT3045/LT3045-1 - PCB Layout Suggestion For Use In Larger System

    That demo board doesn't appear to use the LT3045.  Perhaps you could link directly to the document you were referring to.

  • LT3045 start-up problems

    We are using the LT3045 in several rather simple designs with dual supply, such as: 


    You can find a snap shot of the power supply section below.
    In all designs we are experiencing the same start-up problem…
  • Can we use the LT3045-1 in place of the LT3045 without layout change?


    In the MSOP12 package, the only difference between the LT3045 and the LT3045-1 is the VIOC pin.

    If we have a PCB made for the LT3045 with IN layouted to pins 1, 2 and 3, but we now use mostly the LT3045-1 (on other PCBs), can we just use the LT3045…

  • LT3045 radiation exposure

    We are designing a circuit board that may be exposed to significant levels of ionizing radiation in a nuclear physics research experiment.  The crucial components of the board are all rad hard.  A test portion of this circuit will be operational only when…

  • LT3045

    my design has Vin=3.3volts and has desired Vout=1.8volts but output is coming fixed 2.2volts (also on changing Rset its output is not changing). I have also simulated same with LT Spice, but there it is coming as desired. Kindly help.

  • LT3045

    What is the power rating of the resistors to be used? I would like to know if we can use DigiPot(ADN2850) in the place of Rset?

  • LT3045 Solder Problem


    I'm using LT3045 as the LDO to suppress power noise from the power supplies.
    The package I bought is LT3045EMSE#PBF and I adopt the "Low Noise CC/CV Lab Power Supply" configuration in official datasheet.

    However, the datasheet states that…

  • RE: LT3045 and LT3094 almost always DOA

    Hi Erik,

    Your LTSpice simulation does work and I do not see any issues with the components that you have chosen. Have you double checked your layout to verify everything is correct on that end? Please see datasheets/demo manuals for LT3045 and LT3094…

  • LT3045 Remote sensing

    Is there any guidance  on using the  OUTPUTS  pin on LT3045 for remote sensing? Is it possible to connect this pin to a location on the output plane that is close to  the  load to compensate for pcb losses?