• LT3045

    my design has Vin=3.3volts and has desired Vout=1.8volts but output is coming fixed 2.2volts (also on changing Rset its output is not changing). I have also simulated same with LT Spice, but there it is coming as desired. Kindly help.

  • RE: Any special precautions using LT3045 LT3094 as tracking regulators?

    LT3045 and LT3094 can be used as a dual power supply. You can use LTSpice to simulate the circuit, or send me the schematic.

  • RE: LT3042/LT3045 with 24 Volt Output?

    The LT3042 is a 200mA part and that limits the above circuit to a maximum of 200mA output current. You can use the 500mA LT3045 instead of the LT3042, and that will increase the output current capability of the circuit.  There is no LT3045 LTspice model at…

  • RE: Use Current Monitoring with multiple LT3045

    Yes, you can use multiple LT3045 in parallel for higher load current. You need to put a small cap close to the SET pin of each part to bypass the local noise. A demo board DC2637A uses four LT3045-1 in parallel. These two parts are very similar. The schematic…

  • RE: Can the LT3045 be used to regulate both a positive and negative voltage rail?

    A negative LDO, LT3094, is released recently. It has the same characteristic of LT3045. Please contact the local FAE/FSE to get the samples.

  • Is there an LTSPICE model available for the LT3045 ?

    Downloading the demo from this page works but the part model is missing. It suggests syncing the library and I've done that but although the sync was successful there is still no model.

    Solutions - DC2491A - LT3045 Demoboard | 20V, 500mA, Ultralow…

  • RE: Enable Functionality on LT3045EDD

    You are wrong. LED has nothing to do with it. I just removed the R51 from the board, thereby disconnected the LED from the LT3045 completely and I am still seeing 1.7V at the output.

  • RE: AD5791 operate voltage


    The AD5791 is specified to have a minimum of 5V at the reference input. Specifications and operation are not guaranteed outside this range.

    You could check out LT3045. It is an ultralow noise LDO which you can set the output range from 0.6V to 15V…

  • LT3045 PSRR vs voltage drop

    Dear Support,

    is it known how PSRR of LT3045 depends on difference VIN-VOUT?
    I plan to use it to produce voltage a bit below 3.0V from 3.3V rail. The datasheet specifies max. dropout voltage as 350mV, so theoretically 2.94V should be already correctly…