• LT3042 PG pin when not powered (IN = 0 V)

    Does the PG pin of the LT3042 sink current when the device is not powered (IN = EN = PGFB = GND = 0 V)?

    The Absolute Maximum Ratings seem to allow this condition (maximum PG pin voltage is 22 V without regard to IN voltage).

    The LT3042 model in LTspice…

  • LT3042 negative voltage


    Is it possible to use the LT3042 low noise LDO in order to create a negative output ?

    I need a -2.5V created from a -5V.

    Idea is to replace all ground connection by -5V and put 0V at input of LT3042. This isn't working on LTspice but I assume…

  • Lt3042, LT3045 Vout set by DAC

    I need to adjust output voltage in the small range (i.e. with Vout nominal =20V, Vout adj = 15-20V as an example).

    What would be the best way to do it with hardware preset voltage at eithe low or high end and DAC output to make an adjustments.


  • Frontend of LT3042/45

    According to figure 11 in the article here below;


    If switching power supply is do close to LT3042/45 regulator, adding or increasing input capacitor degrades the performance…

  • LT3042 long term drift

    LT3042 and more powerful LT3045 provide outstanding noise performance but their documentation say nothing about long term drift or noise behavior below 10Hz. What values of these characteristics may user expect?

  • Utilizing the LT3045/LT3042 for post-regulating dc/dc switching converters


    According to datasheet page18 "PSRR and Input Capacitance" section;

    In case of usage LT304X after switching converters cause PSRR degradation unless ;

    Put regulator couple of inches away from the switching converter’s output capacitor…

  • Design information for "Ultralow 1/f Noise Reference Buffer " design using the LT3042

    I would like to implement the following application from the data sheet for a 2.5V output, as opposed to a 5V output.  Is there any design information available for this circuit?  And some analysis to explain how this circuit works to get rid of the 3042…

  • LT3042-Split Cap/Kelvin - Connections


      I am using the LT3042 for an ultra-clean 5V supply.  In working to get the best performance I have followed the Appnote for the Demo Board, DC2246B regarding the Split Cap design.

    My question is whether Pad 1 which connects to the GND Side of…

  • LT3042/LT3045 with 24 Volt Output?

    Hello from Germany,

    I am looking for an ultra low noise voltage regulator with 24V (and -24V) output. Would it be possible to cascade two LT3042/3045 (and the same with LT3094) which are set to 12V output to get 24V? Like two batteries added serially…

  • LT3042 current monitoring

    I ask about the current monitoring function with the ILIM pin of the LT3042.
    1/400 of the VOUT pin currennt outputs from ILIM pin.
    What is the accuracy of this 1/400?
    The usage conditions are as follows.
    Vin = 16 V Vout = 2 V to 15 V Iout = 0 to 200…