• ADE7880在3相3線式時B接N要如何求B的KW跟PF值




  • RE: ADV7180 Application with 3 CVBS Inputs

    Does Analog Devices has a part with multiple video decoders ? I need 3 video decoders for 3 PAL cameras

  • The register control word of DAC2/3 ,AD9154 is not work.

    When ACE is used to set the register control word of AD9154,Under Link0, there are two pages, DAC0/1 and DAC2/3.When setting the data-format register, either directly or register debugI can only change the value of DCA0/1, which causes my DAC2/3 channel…

  • LTC2901-3

    I would like to use a Manual Push Button Reset with the LTC2901-3.  Please see the schematic below...

  • LTM2881IV-3?


    I bought the LTM2881IV-3 (in an offline market).
    I checked the pin before using it and it was different from the datasheet as shown in the picture on the right.

    In the data sheet, pins B1 to B5 are connected to GND, and pins B6 to B8 are connected…

  • ADF4355-3


    I had designed recently ADF4355-3 own board.In that I want to know

       1. whether Vvco and Vdd of ADF4355-3 can be given same 3.3v from one regulator or not?

       2. what happens if these  Pin23(Vref) and Pin24(Vbias) are connected to 3.3v?

       3.Does any thing…

  • ada4412-3


    I want to know  :

    1. what is the minimum, typical and maximum supply voltage recommended for ADA4412-3.

    2. What is the supply current to measure power dissipation?

    3. Analog supply voltage or digital supply voltage (It is not clear in the datasheet…

  • LTC3525L-3


    I try to boost a 1.5 V from a 337 Renata battery to 3 V. The intended IC is "LTC3525L-3".

    Battery data - below:



  • ADUC843BCPZ32-3


    咨询下单片机ADUC843BCPZ32-3 的技术问题:

    1.)参照DATASHEET, PSEN脚在代码执行模式下应该输出高,实际输出为低(0.005V左右)。


    3.) 代码运行过程中,PSEN管脚可否通过电阻上拉到电源?



  • LTC6957-3

    Hi Team,

    We have using LTC6957-3 for Clipped sine to CMOS conversion, we using single output only, what we will do unused output PIN? 

    Thanks, Regard

    Anoop Varma m