• ADE7880 3相3線式 各相總諧波失真ITHD、VTHD如何計算


    小弟最近在使用ADE7880諧波功能 在三相四線式量測各相ITHD與VTHD都沒問題

    在測試三相三線式(Delta接)時 所獲得的ITHD也可以正確計算出來


    後來嘗試從XVRMS跟FVRMS來自行計算 但也無法獲得正確的結果

    想請問各位先進是否有其他方式可以得到三相三線式的VTHD數值呢 謝謝~~

  • About BAPASS pin of AD9516-3


          In a recent work,we found several pieces of AD9516 that did not have an clock output . At the same time, their BAPASS pin voltage is 1.8v, while the working AD9516 BAPASS  pin voltage is 2.5V.

    Could you give me some advice, please?

  • ADE7880在3相3線式時B接N要如何求B的KW跟PF值




  • 3 bit rgb on adv7125... LSB... MSB...


    I am an absolute beginner in usage of video DACs so forgive me for asking a question that might be very obvious to most people here.

    I am trying to use an adv7125 as a means to process some 3 bit digital rgb signals from an old computer. 


  • RE: ADV7180 Application with 3 CVBS Inputs

    Does Analog Devices has a part with multiple video decoders ? I need 3 video decoders for 3 PAL cameras

  • Get video simultaneously from 3 cameras using ADV7180. Possible ?


    In my company, we are developing a video security system using 3 analog cameras, so we decided to use ADV7180 (40 pin version).

    The three analog video inputs are multiplexed, so we wonder if we can get the video from the 3 cameras simultaneously. O…

  • RE: AD5293 value always 2/3 steps lower

    Please provide the SDI and SDO data for the entire command step sequence and the schematic.

    Also, please provide a scope shot of the write and read frames. 

    It is certainly not possible for the register readback to be different from what you have written…

  • The register control word of DAC2/3 ,AD9154 is not work.

    When ACE is used to set the register control word of AD9154,Under Link0, there are two pages, DAC0/1 and DAC2/3.When setting the data-format register, either directly or register debugI can only change the value of DCA0/1, which causes my DAC2/3 channel…

  • LTC2901-3

    I would like to use a Manual Push Button Reset with the LTC2901-3.  Please see the schematic below...